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NONROAD Model (Nonroad Engines, Equipment, and Vehicles)

NONROAD2008 has been incorporated into MOVES2014 and MOVES2014a. EPA recommends using MOVES2014a if you are having problems installing or using NONROAD2008 on newer operating systems.

The NONROAD2008 model is intended for Windows 98 and later. Its primary use is for estimation of air pollution inventories by professional mobile source modelers, such as state air quality officials and consultants.  NONROAD2008 updates NONROAD2005 to include new nonroad emission standards promulgated in 2008 related to small gasoline engines and pleasure craft.

You may also be interested in NONROAD Technical Reports.

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NONROAD2008a Model

If you prefer to receive a CD that contains the non-ZIP'd model files, please email or fax 734-214-4939 with your request and mailing address.

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Documentation: User Guide

This has not been updated for NONROAD2008. See NONROAD2008a Installation and Updates or Frequently Asked Questions: NONROAD2008 Emission Inventory Model (PDF) (5 pp, 190K, EPA420-F-09-021, April 2009) for additional information.

Other EPA NONROAD Model Documentation

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