MOVES and Related Models

MOVES2014 and MOVES2010b: Versions in Limited Current Use

This information is for users who:
  • are completing work already started with MOVES2014 or MOVES2010b,
  • are using MOVES2010b for transportation conformity determinations during the conformity grace period, or
  • need to review documentation for these models.
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Important Note About MOVES Versions

MOVES2010b and previous versions of MOVES2010 have been replaced by MOVES2014 and MOVES2014a. Versions of MOVES2010 can be still be used for transportation conformity analyses during a two-year grace period ending on October 7, 2016.

In general, states should use EPA’s latest model, MOVES2014a, for new SIP development or transportation conformity analyses outside of California to take advantage of the improvements that have been included in it. However, as MOVES2014a does not significantly change the criteria pollutant emissions result from MOVES2014, in general, states can continue to use that model as well.  

Users should consult the Federal Register Notice of Availability for MOVES2014 and the Policy Guidance on the Use of MOVES2014 and Subsequent Minor Revisions (both available on the MOVES2014a page) before doing any additional work with MOVES2014 or any version of MOVES2010.

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General Information about MOVES2014

MOVES2014 User Documents and Tools

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Downloading MOVES2014

  • Download MOVES2014 (EXE)(1 pg, 72 MB, May 2015) This application installs the October 2014 release of MOVES2014 with additional updates to configuration and postprocessing scripts. After downloading the setup file, run moves2014-cb6-setup.exe and follow the instructions to complete the MOVES2014 installation.
    NOTE: This release includes May 2015 CB6 and CB05 chemical mechanisms that speciate inventory emissions for input into chemical transport air quality models.  However, we have found errors in this function. Modelers who will be using MOVES results as input to chemical transport air quality models should consult with EPA or use MOVES2014a.

Using MOVES2014 for SIP and Conformity Purposes

(also see MOVES2014 Questions & Answers and MOVES2014a Questions & Answers)

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General Information about MOVES2010b

MOVES2010b was the last version in the MOVES2010 series.  Documentation on previous versions of MOVES2010 can be found on the Previous MOVES Versions page.

  • MOVES2010b Questions and Answers - Revised (PDF) (9 pp, 276K, EPA-420-F-13-004, January 2013) This document highlights the differences between MOVES2010b and earlier versions of MOVES and explains EPA policy on using MOVES2010b in State Implementation Plans and Transportation Conformity Analyses. It also includes a discussion of the corrected 10/30/2012 database now included in the MOVES2010b Installation Suite.
  • MOVES2010 Mobile Source Emissions Model: Questions and Answers (PDF) (9 pp, 128K, EPA-420-F-09-073, December 2009) Describes the model and provides general information for model use.

MOVES2010b User Documents and Tools

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Downloading MOVES2010b

  • Download MOVES2010bInstallationSuite (ZIP)(1 pg, 959 MB, revised January 2013) Includes everything needed to install MOVES2010b: readme.txt, executable file for the MOVES software, default database, and the User Guide. This Installation Suite installs the updated 10/30/2012 version of the MOVES default database. After downloading and unzipping the ZIP file, double-click "Setup.exe" icon to install MOVES2010b.

Using MOVES2010b for SIP and Conformity Purposes

(also see MOVES2010b Questions & Answers)

Note: SIP and transportation conformity policy guidance for MOVES2010, MOVES2010a, and MOVES2010b has been replaced by policy guidance for MOVES2014.

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