EPA in Missouri

Univar, Inc. Facility, Springfield, Missouri – Public Notice

EPA Legal Notice - Proposed Determination of Corrective Action Complete Without Controls

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7 invites the public to comment on its proposed determination of Corrective Action Complete Without Controls under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), as amended, for the Univar, Inc. facility located in Springfield, Missouri, MOR000504795.

Corrective Action Complete Without Controls means that the facility owner/operator has satisfied RCRA corrective action obligations. Based on information currently available, EPA has developed Proposed Agency Decision Memoranda (Memoranda) with an Administrative Record, which includes all documents supporting the proposed decision of Corrective Action Complete Without Controls. EPA is not aware of any environmental releases of hazardous constituents at the facility at levels that present a potential threat to human health or the environment. EPA will make a final decision after considering all comments.

The aforementioned Univar, Inc. facility was located at 220 South Barnes Avenue in Springfield, and was permitted as a storage facility between 1984 and 1994. During this time, the hazardous waste storage area went unused as incoming wastes were accumulated on the transports. A RCRA Facility Assessment Report was completed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on Aug. 18, 1993, and the facility underwent closure under a plan approved in 1995.

EPA encourages the public to review the Administrative Record at the EPA Region 7 Records Center or at The Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, Mo., 65810.

Persons wishing to comment on EPA’s proposed decision summarized in the Memoranda must submit comments to EPA within the 30-day comment period ending Feb. 8, 2017. All comments must be submitted in writing via mail or email to the EPA Project Manager listed below. A public meeting is not scheduled at this time; however, a meeting may be requested in writing. The request must include a statement of issues related to the proposed decision and findings in the Memoranda. EPA will evaluate the request to determine its applicability to the proposed decision and whether a public meeting is appropriate.

EPA will consider all comments before making a final decision. If the decision is substantially unchanged from the one summarized in the Memoranda, EPA will issue a final decision and inform all persons who submitted written comments or requested notice of EPA’s final decision. If the final decision is significantly different from the one proposed, EPA will issue a public notice explaining the new proposed decision and will reopen the comment period.

The Memoranda are available on EPA’s website. For additional information, please contact Sean Clary, EPA Project Manager, Waste Remediation and Permitting Branch, U.S. EPA Region 7, 11201 Renner Boulevard, Lenexa, Kan. 66219; Phone: 913-551-7908; Email: clary.sean@epa.gov.