Minimum Risk - Addition of an Inert Ingredient or Active Ingredient to the Exemption

I want to make an exempted product using an active or inert ingredient that is not eligible for the exemption. Can EPA add an ingredient to the exemption?  

Stakeholders may want to add or remove ingredients from the ingredient lists for various reasons. EPA has been examining ways to make the process of adding or removing an ingredient from the exemption as streamlined as possible while meeting the requirements of notice and comment rulemaking. For example, EPA is considering developing guidance that would describe the process and types of information EPA may need for a stakeholder to request the addition or removal of an ingredient from the lists. Any guidance that EPA may develop in the future for minimum risk pesticides would be available on EPA's Web page for minimum risk pesticides.

Companies may at any time petition the Agency to add or remove an ingredient from the active or inert ingredient lists under the Administrative Procedure Act, even in the absence of guidance. EPA cannot predict in advance what the response will be to any particular petition. If the Agency were to grant such a petition, the changes to the ingredient lists will be subject to notice and comment rulemaking.