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LFGcost–Web — Landfill Gas Energy Cost Model

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The LFGcost-Web model is a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet tool that provides an initial economic feasibility analysis for developing a landfill gas (LFG) energy project.

Analyses performed using LFGcost-Web are considered preliminary and should be used for guidance only.

What's New

LFGcost-Web, Version 3.1, replaces Version 3.0. In 2015, LMOP undertook a peer review of LFGcost-Web, Version 3.0. Based on the results of the peer review as well as other updates, LMOP revised certain elements of the model replacing it with LFGcost-Web, Version 3.1. For more information on the peer review, see the Emission Guidelines and Compliance Times for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills rule docket (Docket ID# EPA-HQ-OAR-2014-0451-0210).

Significant revisions between Version 3.1 and Version 3.0 of LFGcost-Web include:

  • Updated approach and reference sources for calculating electricity prices and avoided CO2 grid factors based on regional electricity grids instead of national average values.
  • Added ability for users to generate a cost estimate for user-defined project sizes without requiring the user to enter landfill waste characteristics.
  • Updated default user inputs.

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Project Types

LFGcost-Web allows users to choose from 12 LFG energy project types, and gives users the option of including costs for a new gas collection and flaring system.

LFG Energy Project Types
Direct-use (boiler, greenhouse, etc.)
Boiler retrofit
High Btu (upgrading gas to pipeline quality)
Compressed natural gas (CNG) production
Leachate evaporation
Electricity generation – Standard reciprocating engine
Electricity generation – Small reciprocating engine
Electricity generation – Turbine
Electricity generation – Microturbine
CHP – Reciprocating engine
CHP – Turbine
CHP – Microturbine

Model Outputs

The model calculates LFG generation profiles based on landfill characteristics and other user inputs and then determines various project-specific outputs.

Primary Model Outputs
Design and average project sizes
Total installed capital cost for year of construction
Annual costs for initial year of operation
Internal rate of return
Net present value at year of construction
Years to breakeven
Amount of methane collected and destroyed
Greenhouse gas value of amount of methane utilized by project
Amount of carbon dioxide from avoided energy generation

The default inputs and costs that are estimated by LFGcost-Web are based on typical project designs and for typical landfill situations.

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