Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP)

Landfill Gas Energy Project Data and Landfill Technical Data

Candidates Count pie chart LMOP tracks key data for landfill gas (LFG) energy projects and municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills in the United States. LMOP’s Landfill and Landfill Gas Energy Database contains information about projects in various stages such as planning, under construction, operational, and shutdown, and is also a data repository for more than 2,400 MSW landfills that are either accepting waste or closed in the past few decades. Nearly 600 of these landfills provide LFG to one or more LFG energy projects currently in operation, for a total of 652 projects. EPA estimates that as many as 415 additional "candidate" landfills could cost-effectively have their methane turned into an energy resource.

The LMOP Database is not an exhaustive national inventory of MSW landfills and is not purported to list every MSW landfill in the country. Information in the LMOP Database is compiled from a variety of sources by voluntary submittal, is updated periodically and can change. LMOP cannot guarantee the validity of the data.


The LMOP Database contains LFG energy project information such as operational status, project start date and shutdown date, project size, energy end user, project developer, technology type, and details about LFG use. Hundreds of LFG energy projects are currently in operation with applications such as generating electricity, firing kilns, upgrading LFG into pipeline-quality gas, heating greenhouses and buildings, and providing steam for industrial processes.

The Excel files provided here include a full list of currently operational projects (and subsets by category), and a list of under-construction or planned projects.

Download a free Excel spreadsheet viewer.

LFG Energy Project Data Files [July 2016]

Project Profiles

These historical profiles highlight select projects and include information such as location, technology type, energy end user, and projected cost savings. Information contained in the project profiles was last updated in 2010, but stakeholders may find this information useful while examining opportunities to design new projects.

Name Project Type State
Alameda Municipal Power and Palo Alto Landfill Gas Energy Project Reciprocating Engine (three GE-Jenbacher 1,060 kW engines) California
Altamont Landfill Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas Project Alternative Fuel (liquefied natural gas) California
BMW Manufacturing Landfill Gas Energy Projects Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration - 2 gas turbines) and Direct Thermal (23 paint shop oven burners and indirect heating of paint shop) South Carolina
Brown Station Road On-Site Electrical Generation Project Reciprocating Engine Maryland
Catawba County Landfill Gas Energy Project Reciprocating Engine (three) North Carolina
Centralia Landfill Leachate Evaporation Leachate Evaporation Washington
Clay Mining LFG Application Direct Thermal (flash drying step used in the processing of mined clay) Georgia
Crow Wing County Small On-site Boiler Project Boiler Minnesota
DeKalb County and Georgia Power Landfill Gas Energy Project Reciprocating Engine (two Caterpillar 3520 engines) Georgia
Delaware Solid Waste Authority Cherry Island Landfill Gas Energy Project Boiler/Steam Turbine Delaware
Earthmovers, IN Leachate Evaporation Leachate Evaporation Indiana
EnergyXchange Renewable Energy Center Boiler and Direct Thermal (furnaces and kilns) North Carolina
Escambia County - Gulf Power LFG Energy Project Reciprocating Engine (2 Caterpillar 3520C/SR4B generator sets) Florida
Fred Weber-Pattonville High School Landfill Gas Recovery Project Boiler and Direct Thermal (oil burner, rotary dryers, infrared heater, forced air furnaces) Missouri
Frederick County Electricity Project Reciprocating Engine (2 GE Jenbacher J320 engines) Virginia
General Motors Ft. Wayne Truck Assembly Plant Boiler Indiana
Granger Energy and Rolls-Royce Greenhouse, Boiler, Turbine Indiana
Granger Energy Multi-User Project With Conestoga Landfill Direct Thermal (boilers, hot oil heaters, process water heaters, remote thermal oxidizers, ovens, space heater, rooftop building heaters) Pennsylvania
Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority and PPL Energy Landfill Gas Energy Project Reciprocating Engine (two Caterpillar 3520s) Pennsylvania
Greentree High Btu Landfill Gas Energy Project High Btu Pennsylvania
Greenville Gas Producers, LLC and Greenville County, South Carolina Reciprocating Engine (two Caterpillar G3520s) South Carolina
Hoffman Road LFG and Bay View WWTP Digester Gas 10-MW Project Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) (Combined Cycle-gas turbine & steam turbine and heat recovery steam generator) Ohio
Honeywell LFG Energy Project Direct Thermal (process heater at ammonia plant) Virginia
Hyland Landfill Renewable Energy Facility-Casella Waste Systems, Inc. Reciprocating Engine (three) New York
I-95 Landfill - Infrared Tube Heaters Direct Thermal (infrared tube heaters) Virginia
International's Springfield Assembly Landfill Gas Energy Project Boiler and Direct Thermal (process ovens) Ohio
Iris Glen Landfill Gas Energy Project Boiler and Reciprocating Engine Tennessee
J.J Brunner, PA Leachate Evaporation Leachate Evaporation Pennsylvania
Jackson County NC Green Energy Park Greenhouse and Direct Thermal (blacksmithing, metal foundry, glassblowing) North Carolina
Jefferson City, MO Renewable Energy Project Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) (three GE Jenbacher JMS-320 engines) Missouri
Jefferson Parish and Cytec Industries LFG Energy Project Direct Thermal (process air pre-heater and furnace) Louisiana
Jenkins Brick Jordan Plant Landfill Gas Energy Project Direct Thermal (brick kilns) Alabama
Lancaster County LFG Energy Project with Turkey Hill Dairy Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) (two Caterpillar 3520 engines) Pennsylvania
Lanchester Landfill Gas Energy Project Boiler and Direct Thermal (thermal oxidizers, heaters, ovens) Pennsylvania
Lee County Generating Station Reciprocating Engine (three 1.8-MW engines) and Gas Turbine (5.5 MW Solar Taurus 60 turbine) South Carolina
MARS Snackfood US and the City of Waco Landfill Boiler Texas
Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority Small Engine Project Reciprocating Engine Virginia
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Direct-Use Project Boiler Maryland
Newton County Renewable Energy Business Park LFG Direct-Use Project Direct Thermal (4 direct-fire gas burners) Indiana
Oak Grove Landfill High Btu Project High Btu Georgia
Ox Mountain Landfill Gas Electricity Project Reciprocating Engine (six GE Jenbacher JGS 616 GS-LL engines) California
Pen Argyl Green Knights Gas Turbine (three) Pennsylvania
Rutgers University EcoComplex - Greenhouse Greenhouse (Boiler, Aquaculture) New Jersey
Salt Lake Valley Landfill Gas Energy Project with Murray City Power Reciprocating Engine (two 800 kW engines and one 1.6 MW engine) Utah
Seward County and National Beef Landfill Gas Energy Project Boiler Kansas
Sioux Falls Landfill and POET Ethanol Direct-Use Project Boiler (steam for ethanol production) South Dakota
South Kent Generating Station Reciprocating Engine (two Caterpillar 3520Cs) Michigan
Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA) Landfill Gas Energy Project Reciprocating Engine (one Caterpillar 3516 870-kW engine and one GE-Jenbacher 20-cylinder engine) Pennsylvania
St. John's Landfill Direct Thermal (lime kilns) Oregon
SWACO Green Energy Center Microturbine and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Ohio
University of New Hampshire EcoLine™ Cogeneration System High Btu (piped to existing cogeneration gas turbine plant) New Hampshire
Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Gas Turbine (two Solar Taurus 60 gas turbines with heat recovery) Texas
Wood Road Generating Station-Lansing Board of Water & Light Reciprocating Engine (four Caterpillar 3516s and three Caterpillar 3520s) Michigan


The LMOP Database contains landfill information such as such as physical address, latitude and longitude, owner/operator organization, operational status, year opened, actual or expected closure year, design capacity, amount of waste in place, gas collection system status, and LFG collected amount. For landfills that report under EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP), LMOP cross-references that dataset by including GHGRP’s 7-digit Facility Identifier.

The Excel files provided here include two full lists of all landfills in the LMOP Database (one with and one without project-level data), as well as a separate file of only those landfills categorized as "candidates" for LFG energy project development.

Download a free Excel spreadsheet viewer.

Landfill Data Files [July 2016]

All landfills in LMOP Database

Landfills identified in LMOP Database as "candidates" for LFG energy

  • Candidate landfills (XLS)(1 pg, 115 K) – LMOP defines a candidate landfill as one that is accepting waste or has been closed for five years or less, has at least one million tons of waste, and does not have an operational, under-construction, or planned project; candidate landfills can also be designated based on actual interest in the site.

Past Project Expo Sites

Project Expo sites are landfills that were featured at a past LMOP Conference as being interested in identifying project partners for the development of an LFG energy project. Below is a list of the Expo sites from years 2013 and 2014 that are still available for project development.

Year Landfill Name State Status
2014 City of Lawton Landfill OK Still available
2014 Eagle Ridge Landfill MO Still available
2014 Union County Landfill AR Still available
2013 Delta County Landfill MI Still available
2013 J.C. Elliott Landfill TX Still available

Data by State

The LMOP Database contains LFG energy project-level data and landfill-level information. Select a state below for an Excel file of landfills and projects located in that state. This map also provides a snapshot of the operational project and candidate landfill counts by state.

The Excel files provided here are current as of July 2016. Excel files can be viewed with the Free Microsoft Excel Viewer.

Counts on national map are current as of July 2016.

State Operational Projects Candidate Landfills
Alabama(1 pg, 36 K) 4 22
Alaska(1 pg, 27 K) 1 1
Arizona(1 pg, 34 K) 3 18
Arkansas(1 pg, 32 K) 4 7
California(1 pg, 107 K) 81 25
Colorado(1 pg, 33 K) 2 12
Connecticut(1 pg, 31 K) 3 2
Delaware(1 pg, 27 K) 3 *
Florida(1 pg, 47 K) 22 13
Georgia(1 pg, 46 K) 24 14
Hawaii(1 pg, 28 K) 0 5
Idaho(1 pg, 32 K) 3 3
Illinois(1 pg, 50 K) 33 20
Indiana(1 pg, 48 K) 24 10
Iowa(1 pg, 33 K) 5 15
Kansas(1 pg, 33 K) 5 9
Kentucky(1 pg, 35 K) 9 17
Louisiana(1 pg, 35 K) 6 6
Maine(1 pg, 28 K) 2 *
Maryland(1 pg, 36 K) 12 8
Massachusetts(1 pg, 38 K) 18 3
Michigan(1 pg, 46 K) 43 9
Minnesota(1 pg, 33 K) 7 4
Mississippi(1 pg, 32 K) 6 10
Missouri(1 pg, 47 K) 17 8
Montana(1 pg, 27 K) 2 3
Nebraska(1 pg, 31 K) 4 1
Nevada(1 pg, 27 K) 2 3
New Hampshire(1 pg, 32 K) 8 2
New Jersey(1 pg, 35 K) 19 1
New Mexico(1 pg, 29 K) 3 6
New York(1 pg, 51 K) 30 1
North Carolina(1 pg, 57 K) 35 13
North Dakota(1 pg, 26 K) 2 1
Ohio(1 pg, 45 K) 20 18
Oklahoma(1 pg, 32 K) 5 13
Oregon(1 pg, 29 K) 8 3
Pennsylvania(1 pg, 50 K) 40 10
Puerto Rico(1 pg, 32 K) 1 5
Rhode Island(1 pg, 26 K) 3 *
South Carolina(1 pg, 38 K) 14 5
South Dakota(1 pg, 27 K) 1 1
Tennessee(1 pg, 52 K) 11 9
Texas(1 pg, 57 K) 29 47
Utah(1 pg, 35 K) 4 8
Vermont(1 pg, 28 K) 4 *
Virginia(1 pg, 46 K) 32 9
Virgin Islands(1 pg, 25 K) 0 1
Washington(1 pg, 36 K) 7 5
West Virginia(1 pg, 30 K) 2 6
Wisconsin(1 pg, 42 K) 29 2
Wyoming(1 pg, 26 K) 0 2
Totals 652 ~415
LMOP Candidate Counts pie chart