Library Services for the Public

EPA provides the following library services to the public. 

EPA National Library Catalog: The EPA National Library Catalog is available to the public online.  The catalog enables users to search for materials in any EPA library across the country.  Once a document is located, users can search NSCEP digital repository to determine if the document is available electronically or submit an interlibrary loan request to obtain the document (see below for description of NSCEP and interlibrary loan services). 

Interlibrary Loan:  The public can obtain EPA library materials, including journals, books and EPA documents, via interlibrary loan from their local library.   Articles from online journal subscriptions that EPA maintains may also be obtained via interlibrary loan in accordance with EPA’s licensing agreement with the journal requested.

National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP):  Nearly 70,000 EPA documents are accessible in digital form from NSCEP.   In addition, hard copies of many titles are available free of charge from NSCEP.  As EPA continues to digitize its documents, they will be added to the NSCEP digital repository.  EPA has formed a team of librarians to develop criteria to determine what beyond EPA’s original inventory of unique documents should be digitized and added to NSCEP.

Frequent QuestionsEPA provides online access to a user-friendly, dynamic Frequent Questions knowledgebase.  If users cannot find an answer to a question, EPA accepts questions and provides prompt replies.  In addition, the FAQs knowledgebase continuously adds new frequent questions to the website.