Lead-Safe Certification Firm Logo Use Guidelines

Information for Firms

What is the Lead-Safe Certified Firm Logo?

The Lead-Safe Certified Firm Logo identifies a firm as certified under the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. The colors used to make the two-color logo are Pantone 362C (green) and Pantone 660C (blue). The font is Helvetica.

What are the guidelines for using the logo?

The logo must be reproduced so that all of its components are legible and must include your firm's certification number. The logo must not be altered or distorted in any way.

You MAY --

  • Use the logo to identify your firm as an RRP-certified firm. Firms that are not RRP-certified may not use the logo.
  • Use the logo in brochures, advertisements, web sites, proposals, bills, signs, uniforms, vehicles and other materials promoting or identifying your firm.
  • Use the logo on documents or other materials in black and white or color (two-color or four-color versions are available).

You MAY NOT --

  • Use the logo if your firm is not currently certified by EPA.
  • Use the logo in any manner that would imply EPA endorsement of a company, its products or services.
  • Reduce the logo to a size smaller than one inch wide by 0.687 inches in .
  • Allow a firm that is not RRP-certified (including your subcontractors) to use the logo.

EPA will monitor the use of all logos. If necessary, EPA will address failure to comply with these logo guidelines. To report a non-compliant use of the logo, please contact EPA at 1-800-424-LEAD.

EPA will e-mail information regarding your custom logo to the e-mail address listed on your firm certification application.

For further questions regarding your EPA Lead-Safe Certified firm logo, please send an email to: EPARRPFirmLogo@battelle.org or send a fax to: (202) 566-0470. In your email/fax please include your EPA firm certification number (e.g., NAT-12345-1), application ID (e.g., 12345), firm name, and firm mailing address.

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Information for Training Providers

Accredited training providers may use the logo on their site and marketing materials provided it does not include a certification number. They may not distribute or provide a downloadable version of the logo. Training providers may inform students that only certified firms will be provided a customized logo exclusively for their use to advertise their businesses once their firm has been certified. Training providers may distribute the logo only to principal instructors affiliated with the accredited provider. Training providers may NOT distribute the logo to unaffiliated entities. Upon request, EPA will provide to accredited training providers the logo for their use. Requests can be made to the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD.

Principal instructors may use the logo as described in the above paragraph, but only under the name of the accredited training provider for whom they work. No principal instructor may use the logo in any manner except under the name and authority of their accredited training provider. They may also state that the organization that employs them, if different from the accredited training provider, is assisting with the training.

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Information for Press and Marketing Entities

Press and other marketing entities may use the logo on their site and marketing materials provided it does not include a certification number. They may NOT:

  • Distribute or provide a downloadable version of the logo
  • Indicate association, endorsement or approval from EPA
  • Imply lead-safe certification from EPA or any EPA-authorized state.

Upon request, EPA will provide the logo for use.

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