EPA Model Lead-Based Paint Abatement Worker Training Course

March 2004

Below are links for the English and Spanish versions of the lead-based paint abatement worker model training course materials. For each language, there are three documents: the instructor manual (in PDF format), the student manual (in PDF format), and the overheads (in MS PowerPoint format).

Training firms accredited based on previous versions of the model training course should have replaced the existing materials with the revised English version by September 1, 2004. Accredited training firms that use their own curricula should have updated their courses to reflect the changes in the EPA materials. Firms accredited to offer Spanish language training should have also started offering the new Spanish version of the abatement worker training by September 1, 2004.

Course Modules (PDF and PowerPoint formats)
English Version PDF format
Instructor Student  
Cover and Table of Contents 44K 44K 73K
Introduction 134K 116K  
Chapter 1: What is lead? Where is it found? 81K 273K 1.1MB
Chapter 2: Health Effects: How Lead Affects The Body 163K 361K 1.3MB
Chapter 3: Laws, Regulations, Standards 91K 280K 148K
Chapter 4: Identifying Lead-Based Paint Hazards 190K 390K 13.0MB
Chapter 5: Controlling Lead-Based Paint Hazards 68K 238K 6.9MB
Chapter 6: Setup 85K 358K 14.0MB
Chapter 7: Abatement Methods 283K 216K 15.0MB
Chapter 8: Cleanup, Disposal, and Clearance 72K 300K 14.0MB
Chapter 9: Soil Abatement and Exterior Dust Cleanup 56K 97K 5.3MB
Chapter 10: Glossary and Resources   78K  
Appendix A   572K  
Modulos del curso (formatos PowerPoint y PDF)
Version en español Formatos en PDF
Instructor Estudiante  
Portada e Indice 29K 28K 72K
Introducción 105K 69K  
Capítulo 1: ¿Qué es el plomo? ¿Dónde se encuentra? 46K 198K 1.1MB
Capítulo 2: Los efectos a la salud: Cómo el plomo afecta al cuerpo 135K 331K 1.3MB
Capítulo 3: Leyes, Regulaciones, Normas 68K 225K 155K
Capítulo 4: Identificación de los peligros causados por la pintura a base de plomo 33K 223K 13.0MB
Capítulo 5: Controlando los peligros causados por la pintura a base de plomo 31K 140K 6.9MB
Capítulo 6: Preparación del sitio de trabajo 50K 261K 14.0MB
Capítulo 7: Métodos de mitigación 319K 161K 15.0MB
Capítulo 8: Limpieza, eliminación y aprobación del trabajo 47K 247K 14.0MB
Capítulo 9: Mitigación del suelo y limpieza del polvo en exteriores 34K 78K 5.3MB
Capítulo 10: Glosario y recursos   61K  
Apéndice A   449K