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Retrospective Review History


This site provides summaries of priority rulemakings and priority retrospective reviews of existing regulations. We update most of the site at the beginning of each month, though some data is updated more frequently if it is time sensitive. The information on this site is not intended to and does not commit EPA to specific conclusions or actions. For example, after further analysis, EPA may decide the effects of a rule would be different or it may decide to terminate a rulemaking.

Executive Order 13563 (3 pp, 56K, About PDF) directs all federal agencies to develop plans for periodically reviewing existing regulations to determine whether any should be modified, streamlined, expanded, or repealed. EPA has completed our plan, with the help of public input. In summer 2011, EPA opened two comment periods during which the public could suggest ways we should design our retrospective review plan and suggest regulations that should be a part of our first round of reviews. All public comments are accessible online in our dockets on the website. In addition, we held a number of public meetings.

Executive Order 13610 (4 pp, 316K, About PDF) directs agencies to prioritize their retrospective review initiatives to include those where quantifiable paperwork reduction may be achieved. EPA's September, 2012 progress report includes those initiatives.

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