Land Revitalization Success Stories

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Title Category Location Type Date
Affordable Housing and Transit-Oriented Development Land Revitalization National City, California Success Stories 2011
Area-wide Planning for Revitalization of Abandoned Gas Station Land Revitalization Ogden, Iowa Success Stories 2011
Assisting the Spirit Lake Tribe Plan for Sustainable Recovery After Flooding Land Revitalization North Dakota Success Stories 2011
Best Practices in Infrastructure Coordination Land Revitalization Region 5 Success Stories 2014
Biofuel Feasibility Study at an Eco-Industrial Park Land Revitalization Fairless Hills, PA Success Stories 2011
Brownfields Program Development Land Revitalization Burlington, Iowa Success Stories 2014
Cincinnati's South Fairmount/Lick Run Project Green Infrastructure Cincinnati, Ohio Success Stories 2014
Community Engagement in Reuse Planning for Former Firing Range Land Revitalization Holyoke, Massachusetts Success Stories 2011
Community Engagement in Reuse Planning for the Lakes Region Facility Land Revitalization Laconia, New Hampshire Success Stories 2011
Detroit's Lower East Side and Recovery Park Green Infrastructure Detroit, Michigan Success Stories 2014
Dry Gulch Stream Restoration Land Revitalization Lakewood, Colorado Success Stories 2014
Dry Gulch Stream Restoration at Lamar Station Crossing Green Infrastructure Lakewood, Colorado Success Stories 2014
Economic Development and Climate Adaptation Planning Land Revitalization Chester, Pennsylvania Success Stories 2014
Elements Enhance Milwaukee's 30th Street Industrial Corridor Green Infrastructure Milwaukee, Wisconsin Success Stories 2014
Former GM Plant Transformed into New Tech Town Aerospace Hub Land Revitalization Dayton, Ohio Success Stories 2011
Genetta Park Stream Restoration Project Green Infrastructure Montgomery, Alabama Success Stories 2014
Green and Vertically Integrated Business Analysis Land Revitalization Chico, California Success Stories 2014
Green Corridor Revitalization Project Green Infrastructure Ranson, West Virginia Success Stories 2014
Green Demolition Practices Land Revitalization Detroit, Michigan Success Stories 2014
Groundbreaking for Urban Farm Land Revitalization Montgomery, Alabama Success Stories 2011
Innovative Technology Powers "Greener Remediation" Land Revitalization Levelland, Texas Success Stories 2011
Litter Control Brochure Land Revitalization Berkeley, West Virginia Success Stories 2014
Mariposa-Lincoln Park PublicHousing Redevelopment Green Infrastructure Denver, Colorado Success Stories 2014
Northside Redevelopment Project Land Revitalization Gary, Indiana Success Stories 2014
Partnership Effort to Build Green Infrastructure Along Lick Run Corridor Land Revitalization Cincinnati, Ohio Success Stories 2011
Partnership Promotes Sustainable Redevelopment for Riverfront Crossings District Land Revitalization Iowa City, Iowa Success Stories 2011
Planning for Revitalization of Petroleum Brownfields Land Revitalization Montgomery, Alabama Success Stories 2011
Proposed Viet Village Urban Farm in New Orleans Land Revitalization New Orleans, Louisiana Success Stories 2011
Redevelopment Planning for Abandoned Gas Stations Land Revitalization St. Louis, Missouri Success Stories 2014
Reuse Assessment for the Lower Darby Creek Area Superfund Site Land Revitalization Pennsylvania Success Stories 2011
Revitalization of Former Sugar Beet Factories Land Revitalization Colorado Success Stories 2011
Smart Growth Redevelopment District Land Revitalization Indianapolis, Indiana Succes Stories 2011
South Side/Roxana Neighborhood Transit Oriented Development Land Revitalization East Chicago, Indiana Success Stories 2014
Sustainable Development in Iowa and Kansas Land Revitalization Iowa and Kansas Success Stories 2011
Sustainable Reuse Through Recycling of Construction and Demolition Materials Land Revitalization Valley, Alabama Success Stories 2011
Tamiami Trail Petroleum Brownfields and Land Revitalization Initiative Land Revitalization Florida Success Stories 2011
Texas Community Develops Vision for Revitalization of Abandoned Auto Dealerships Land Revitalization Leon Valley, Texas Success Stories 2011
Transforming the Golden West Side: A Sustainable Communities Partnership Pilot Land Revitalization Fresno, California Success Stories 2011
Turning Vacant Land into Green Infrastructure Land Revitalization Cleveland, Ohio Success Stories 2011
Urban Farm Planned for New Fernwood Green District Land Revitalization Toledo, Ohio Success Stories 2011
Using the Prepared Workbook in Connecticut Land Revitalization Connecticut Success Stories 2014
Westerly Creek Green Infrastructure and Stream Restoration Design Green Infrastructure Denver, Colorado Success Stories 2014
All 2014 Land Revitalization Success Stories Land Revitalization Various Summary 2014
All 2011 Land Revitalization Success Stories Land Revitalization Various Summary 2011
All Green Infrastructure: Land Revitalization Success Stories Green Infrastructure Washington, DC Summary 2014