EPA in Louisiana

Lard Oil Company Spill, Denham Springs, Louisiana

Slow moving storms dropped more than two feet of rain around Denham Springs causing flooding of the Amite River. On August 18, EPA responded to reports of an oil spill from Lard Oil Co., an oil distribution company at 914 Florida Ave., in Denham Springs, Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Floodwaters displaced oil containers and discharged between 300 – 600 gallons of new 10w40 motor oil in the surrounding neighborhood. It appears to be a localized incident and predominately lubricating oil. Estimates are that 51 residential yards and 3 structures (1 home and two businesses) are affected in a 3 block wide by 2 block long area. Most impacted properties only have residual oil staining. Lard Oil Co. is cleaning up the oil under EPA supervision and work is continuing.