International Cooperation

World Calendar of Events: Sustainable Materials Management, Site Remediation and Emergencies

2017 Events

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January 2017
Conference: Ninth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments Exit 
Date: January 9-12
Location: New Orleans, LA
Purpose: The Sediments Conference series is a forum for sharing research results, practical experiences, and opportunities associated with remediating, restoring, and ​managing the environmental and economic vitality of waterways
Conference: UN World Data Forum Exit
Date: January 16-18
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Purpose: the UN WDF is intended to serve as a platform for intensifying cooperation on data for sustainable development with multiple stakeholders
Conference: Davos 2017 Exit
Date: January, 17-20
Location: Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
Purpose: Convened by the World Economic Forum, Davos 2017 will be a vehicle for officially launching WEF’s program on the circular economy
Conference: Sustainable Food Summit Exit
Date: January 18-20
Location: San Francisco, CA
Purpose: Since 2009, the Sustainable Foods Summit has been discussing leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability and eco-labels
March 2017
Conference: 4th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management (4th 3RINCs) Exit
Date: March 8-10
Location: New Delhi, India
Purpose: This annual conference promotes  scientific waste management and technological solutions for effective treatment and value addition to the waste streams. It also aims to implement the concept of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
Conference: 32nd International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management Exit
Date: March 19-22
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Purpose: The conference covers all aspects of solid waste technology and management
Conference: Road to Zero Waste Conference Exit
Date: March 27-30
Location: Reno, NV
Purpose: The theme of the conference is “The Long and Winding Road to Sustainable Materials Management”
April 2017
Conference: 1st International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Resource Use in Food Chains Exit
Date: April 19-27
Location: London, England
Purpose: ICSEF 2017 will report on the latest thinking, technologies, and approaches for energy demand reduction and minimization of resource use, including water and waste, across all stages of food chains
Conference: COP13/Basel Convention; COP8/Rotterdam Convention; and COP8/Stockholm Convention Exit
Date: April 24-May 5
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Purpose: These back-to-back meetings will address issues for each Convention, and joint issues shared among the Conventions
Conference: Ceres 2017 Exit
Date: April 26-27
Location: San Francisco, CA
Purpose: Ceres is a non-profit organization advocating for sustainability leadership by .mobilizing a network of investors, companies, and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions
May 2017
Conference: IOSC 2017 Exit
Date: May 15-18
Location: Long Beach, CA
Purpose: The International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) provides a forum for professionals from the international response community, private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations to tackle challenges related to oil spill technology and response
Conference: Fourth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies Exit
Date: May 22-25
Location: Miami, FL
Purpose: Anticipated topics include: green and sustainable remediation; sustainable site management strategies; bioremediation technologies; evaluating and mitigating vapor intrusion; and biodegradation of emerging contaminants
June 2017
Conference: World Circular Economy Forum Exit
Date: June 5-6
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Purpose: The forum aims to address the use of circular economy solutions  to address the Sustainable Development Goals
Conference: 7th Intl Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation Exit
Date: June 7-8
Location: Rome, Italy
Purpose: The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for presenting new approaches from relevant areas of environmental science
Conference: AquaConSoil 2017 Exit
Date: June 26-30
Location: Lyon, France
Purpose: The 14th International AquaConSoil Conference will focus on sustainable use and management of soil, sediment, and water resources
August 2017
Conference: 2017 Corporate Management Sustainability Conference Exit
Date: August 1-2
Location: Chicago, IL
Purpose: Topics will include: External Reporting, Materiality Assessments, Supply Chain Management, The Energy-Water Nexus, Measuring Impacts, and Setting Meaningful Goals
September 2017
Conference: LCM 2017 Exit
Date: September 3-6
Location: Luxembourg
Purpose: The title of this year’s conference is “Designing sustainable technologies, products and policies: from science to innovation”
October 2017
Conference: Sardinia 2017 Exit
Date: October 2-6
Location: Sardinia, Italy
Purpose:  The conference will focus on advances of waste management science and technologies
Conference: 13th meeting of the International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL) Exit
Date: October 3-6
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Purpose: The International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL) is a network of contaminated land policy makers, regulators and technical advisors from environment authorities dealing with contaminated land management
December 2017
Conference: 2017 National Brownfields Training Conference
Date: December 5-7
Location: Pittsburg, PA
Purpose:  The annual conference will include opportunities to listen to experts regarding best practices for meeting brownfields challenges

2016 Events

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January 2016
Conference: 15th International Electronics Recycling Congress Exit
Date: January 19-22
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Purpose: The IERC 2016 will bring together over 500 producers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, recycling associations, refurbisher, standards bodies, NGOs and regulators
Conference: Compost 2016 Exit
Date: January 25-28
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Purpose: This is the world’s largest composting conference and exhibition for the organics management industry
February 2016
Conference: Supply Chain Conference: Connect. Transform. Deliver Exit
Date: February 22-24
Location: New Orleans, LA
Purpose: Sponsored by the Trading Partner Alliance (TPA), this 7th annual conference brings together 500 retailers, manufacturers, and solution providers in the food industry
March 2016
Conference: Emerging Contaminants Summit Exit
Date: March 1-2
Location: Westminister, CO
Purpose: The conference comprehensively addresses mitigating the presence of these contaminants across all environmental media
Conference: GLOBE 2016: The Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business Exit
Date: March 2-4
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Purpose: The prevailing theme for 2016 is innovation
Conference: Third 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management Exit
Date: March 9-11
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Purpose: The conference serves as a platform for activities that promote a 3R society
Conference: Seventh session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Mercury (INC 7) Exit
Date: March 10-15
Location: Jordan
Purpose: The Minamata Convention on Mercury is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury
Conference: 16th International Automobile Recycling Congress Exit
Date: March 16-18
Location: Berlin, Germany
Purpose: The Congress will include discussion of the circular economy & resource efficiency, as well as life cycle and sustainability aspects of car recycling
April 2016
Conference: 31st International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management Exit
Date: April 3-6
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Purpose: Speakers from 40 countries are expected, with topics covering the broad spectrum of waste management issues: closure, energy recovery, ash, municipal solid waste, cell design, leachate, and much more
Conference: Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference Exit
Date: April 3-6
Location: Berlin, Germany
Purpose: The meeting will bring together international researchers, from academia and industry to communicate and share the latest developments across the broad and diverse fields of Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Conference: SWANApalooza 2016 Exit
Date: April 4-7
Location: Charleston, SC
Purpose: SWANApalooza includes 5 events related to waste management, including the 20th Annual Solid Waste Symposium and the Road to Zero Waste Conference
Conference: 12th Global Congress on Process Safety Exit
Date: April 10-13
Location: Houston, TX
Purpose: GCPS has grown into the world's largest gathering practitioners from industry, regulatory bodies and academia
Conference: Smithers Pira and GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition SustPack 2016 conference Exit
Date: April 11-13
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Purpose: This three-day event offering a comprehensive look at how businesses are leading their sustainable initiatives through packaging design and sustainable materials management
Conference: International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory System: Sustaining Systems Globally Exit
Date: April 11-15
Location: Vienna, Austria
Purpose: Organized by the IEAE, this conference is the fourth in a series beginning in 2006
Conference: TSC Sustainability Consortium Summit Exit
Date: April 20-22
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: Sessions will include working group meetings, as well as cross sector leadership initiatives such as: Adventures in the Circular Economy, Chemicals of Concern in Supply Chains, and Tracking Deforestation
Conference: 9th International Roundtable on Automobile Recycling Exit
Date: April 21-24
Location: Melaka, Malaysia
Purpose: The bi-annual meeting will provide a global forum to discuss developments and challenges in the industry
Conference: 4th International Sustainable Remediation Conference Exit
Date: April 26-28
Location: Montreal, Canada
Purpose: SustRem 2016 aims to stimulate international exchange by providing a venue for professionals and interested parties from multiple backgrounds to share experiences and perspectives on how contaminated sites can be remediated with a lower environmental footprint
May 2016
Conference: International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds Exit
Date: May 23-26
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Purpose: This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive meeting on the application of innovative and existing technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring, and management of chlorinated and complex sites
Conference: International Conference on Advancing the Global Implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Programs Exit
Date: May 23-27
Location: Madrid, Spain
Purpose: Sponsored by the IAEA, the conference will address technical, institutional, regulatory, and environmental remediation topics
June 2016
Conference: Tuning in to Zero Waste: 5th Annual National Zero Waste Business Conference
Date: June 1-4
Location: Austin, Texas
Purpose: This conference will demonstrate how Zero Waste can be a key part of business climate change and sustainability plans by reducing greenhouse gases and increasing operating efficiencies
Conference: Waste Management 2016
Date: June 7-9
Location: Valencia, Spain
Purpose: The conference provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and work on the current situation of waste management amongst professionals, researchers, government departments and local authorities
Conference: Sustainable Food Summit Exit
Date: June 9-10
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Purpose: Sponsored by the FAO, this session looks at approaches to reducing food losses in the supply chain, as well as waste at a consumer level
Conference: Pathways to Impact: Driving Scale and Aligning Values Exit
Date: June 14-15
Location: New Haven, CT
Purpose: Sponsored by the U.S. Business Council for Sustainable development and Yale University, the conference will address the practical impacts of policy drivers for sustainability
Conference: Sustainable Minerals ‘16 Exit
Date: June 23-24
Location: Falmouth, UK
Purpose: An astute and conscious application and use of metals, materials and products supported by the reuse and recycling of these materials and end-of-life products is imperative to the preservation of the Earth’s resources. This conference will discuss all aspects of material and metal usage
July 2016
Conference: 13th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant Exit
Date: July 16-21
Location: Providence, RI
Purpose: The 13th ICMGP will follow the tradition of previous ICMGP conferences with synthesis, detailed sessions, and presentations on mercury science, technology, management, and human health.
Conference: Eurosoil 2016 Exit
Date: July 17-22
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Purpose: Sessions covering all aspect of soil science will be part of this conference
Conference: 2nd World Congress and Expo on Recycling Exit
Date: July 25-27
Location: Berlin, Germany
Purpose: The conference focuses on the importance of recycling and waste management techniques; e-waste recycling and management; solid waste management; industrial waste recycling; food waste recycling; and other topics
August 2016
Conference: 4th International Conference in Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies Exit
Date: August 7-11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: The conference themes include designing structures with sustainable materials, energy management during construction, greenhouse gas reduction, and life cycle analysis.
Conference: 6th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation (ICEPR'16) Exit
Date: August 19-20
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Purpose: The goal of ICEPR'16 is to gather scholars from all over the world to present advances in the relevant fields and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information
Conference: 6th International Disaster and Risk Conference Exit
Date: August 28-September 1
Location: Davos, Switzerland
Purpose: IDRC Davos 2016 contributes to the post-Sendai process and will cover different risk and disaster areas and a number of cross-cutting themes
Conference: 2016 Recycling Conference: Where the Industry Evolves Exit
Date: August 30-September 1
Location: New Orleans, LA
Purpose: The conference, now entering its seventh year, will include over 500 vendors and top materials management decision-makers
September 2016
Conference: Electronics Goes Green 2016 Exit
Date: September 6-9
Location: Berlin, Germany
Purpose: With a focus on technology and business models, topic areas include material efficiency and sustainability management
Conference: Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Solutions Exit
Date: September 13-15
Location: Birmingham, England
Purpose: The event covers multiple dimensions of the waste hierarchy
Conference: 21st International Congress for Battery Recycling Exit
Date: September 14-16
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Purpose: The congress provides a platform to exchange information on regulatory and technology developments related to the environmental impacts of batteries
Conference: International Conference on Emerging Contaminants and Micropollutants in the Environment Exit
Date: September 20-23
Location: Sydney, Australia
Purpose: Special themes include emerging contaminants in megacities, microplastics and nanomaterials
Conference: International Conference on Sustainable Development 2016 Exit
Date: September 21-22
Location: New York, New York
Purpose: The ICSD provides a unique opportunity to bring together stakeholders from government, academia, the United Nations, international agencies, NGOs, and grassroots organizers to share practical solutions.
October 2016
Conference: 5th International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation Exit
Date: October 15-16
Location: Toronto, Canada
Purpose: The event aims to provide a platform for participants to learn about best practices and foster research collaborations on adaptation
Conference: International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Exit
Date: October 17-19
Location: Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China
Purpose: The conference will address new tools and latest research to support sustainable infrastructure
Conference: Eleventh International Conference on Waste Management and Technology  Exit
Date: October 21-24
Location: Beijing, China
Purpose: ICWMT is an important international platform for specialists and officials to discuss scientific problems, exchange experiences, and look for innovative solutions.
Conference: Electronics Reuse Conference Exit
Date: October 24-26
Location: Houston, TX
Purpose: This conference will explore best practices and new techniques for refurbishing and repairing used electronics efficiently and cost-effectively.
November 2016
Conference: Sustainable Supply Chain Summit Exit
Date: November 10-11
Location: London, England
Purpose: The Sustainable Supply Chain Summit will present sessions focused on the key issues for supply chain professionals
Conference: Risk and Resilience: Mining Solutions 2016 Exit
Date: November 14-16
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Purpose: The conference will address risk assessment, risk management, and implementation of mitigation measures in all phases of mining.
Conference: Planning for Closure 2016 Exit
Date: November 20-22
Location: Santiago, Chile
Purpose: The conference will cover the full range of issues associated with mine closure, including environmental risk, funding, and stakeholder involvement.
Conference: European Resources Forum Exit
Date: November 9-10
Location: Berlin, Germany
Purpose: the European Resources Forum is a platform for discussion on the issue of sustainable resource use and seeks to contribute to the development and implementation of common positions for policy-making in Europe and internationally
December 2016
Conference: G7 Workshop on Resource Efficiency and Climate Change
Date: December 12-13
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Purpose: Japan is sponsoring this meeting under the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency
Conference:  G7 Workshop on International Resource Recycling
Date:  December 14-15
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Purpose: Japan is sponsoring this meeting under the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency

2015 Events

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January 2015
Conference: Eighth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments
Date: January 12-15
Location: New Orleans, LA
Purpose: The Conference will be a forum for sharing experiences and opportunities toward the goal of remediating, restoring, and maintaining the environmental and economic vitality of waterways.
Conference: Eleventh Sustainability Conference
Date: January 21-23
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Purpose: The 2015 focus for this conference is “Sustainability Dividends – Developmental Fault Lines”
Conference: XIII International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Public Health and Impacts
Date: January 26-27
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Purpose: The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in relevant fields of environmental pollution and public health
February 2015
Conference: Plastics Recycling 2015 Exit
Date: February 23-25
Location: Dallas, Texas
Purpose: The Plastics Recycling Conference is a premier conference for the plastics recycling industry.
March 2015
Conference: Save the Planet: Waste Management and Recycling Exit
Date: March 11-13
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Purpose: An important purpose of the conference is to encourages waste and recycling technology transfer to South-East Europe.
Conference: Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction Exit
Date: March 14-18
Location: Sendai, Japan
Purpose: A conference focus will be to review implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action and to adopt a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction.
Conference: The 30th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management Exit
Date: March 15-18
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Purpose: The conference will address a wide range of topics, and participants are expected from over 40 countries.
April 2015
Conference: Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments 2015 Exit
Date: April 12-15
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Purpose: The conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion about issues, challenges, and successful solutions that enable responsible mining while minimizing the use of, and preserving water resources in challenging environments.
Conference: 3rd Global Soil Week Exit
Date: April 19-23
Location: Berlin, Germany
Purpose: Global Soil Week is an international multi-stakeholder event dedicated to the sustainable management of soils.
Conference: 11th Global Congress on Process Safety Exit
Date: April 26-29
Location: Austin, TX
Purpose: The Congress has grown into the world's largest gathering of practitioners in the field from industry, regulatory bodies and academia.
May 2015
Conference: 4th Annual National Zero Waste Business Conference
Date: May 5-7
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: Experts from a diverse range of industries will share innovative ideas, practical tools, and first-hand experience to demonstrate how Zero Waste can be a key part of business climate change and sustainability plans by reducing greenhouse gases and increasing operating efficiencies.
Conference: RCBC 41st Annual Zero Waste Conference Exit
Date: May 6-8
Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Purpose: The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste and is Canada's longest serving recycling council.
Conference: Third International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies
Date: May 18-21
Location: Miami, Florida
Purpose: The 2015 Symposium will present information on advances in bioremediation and the incorporation of green and sustainable practices in remediation.
Conference: Unmaking Waste 2015 Exit
Date: May 21-24
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Purpose: This conference invites participants to explore new approaches to reduce the speed, volume and impacts of ‘waste-ready’ global consumerism.
June 2015
Conference: Bridging Divides: Spaces of Scholarship and Practice in Environmental Communication
Date: June 11-14
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Purpose: The conference promises to discuss, explore and bridge the many divides, challenges and opportunities facing environmental communication and practice.
Conference: International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) Exit
Date: June 14-19
Location: Jeju, Republic of Korea
Purpose: The conference provides a forum for researchers and policy makers to explore important advances in mercury research and to facilitate internal and international collaborations.
Conference: 6th International Conference of Debris-Flow Hazard Mitigation Exit
Date: June 22-25
Location: Tsukuba City, Japan
Purpose: DFHM aims to promote international cooperation, communication and exchange of knowledge among researchers and practitioners.
July 2015
Conference: (No events scheduled for July)
Date: .
Location: .
Purpose: .
August 2015
Conference: (No events scheduled for August)
Date: .
Location: .
Purpose: .
September 2015
Conference: Brownfields 2015 Exit
Date: September 2-4
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Purpose: The National Brownfields Training Conference is EPA’s premier event for promoting public-private partnerships to stimulate community revitalization and sustainable brownfields redevelopment.
October 2015
Conference: LCA XV Exit
Date: October 6-8
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Purpose: This is North America’s largest conference on life cycle assessment in 2015.
Conference: World Resources Forum 2015 Exit
Date: October 11-15
Location: Davos, Switzerland
Purpose: The overall 2015 forum theme is "Boosting Resource Productivity by adopting the Circular Economy".
Conference: World Efficiency Show and Congress (PDF) Exit (20 pp, 1 Mb)
Date: October 13-15
Location: Paris, France
Purpose: World Efficiency is the first biennial event for policy makers and businesses looking for resource and climate solutions.
Conference: Remediation Technologies Symposium 2015 Exit
Date: October 14-16
Location: Banff, Canada
Purpose: The three-day technical program will consist of a minimum of 70 platform presentations on remediation technology.
Conference: 10th International conference: BIODEGRADABLE WASTES Exit
Date: October 15-17
Location: Námešt nad Oslavou, Czech Republic
Purpose: The conference will address food waste prevention, planning tools, and methods, as well as examples of good practice and techniques, for the entire cycle of biowaste management in rural and urban environments.
Conference: Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development Exit
Date: October 26-30
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Purpose: At the Forum, governments, mining companies and industry associations will convene to discuss enhancing the contribution of the mining sector to sustainable development.
Conference: 10th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT) Exit
Date: October 28-30
Location: Sichuan Province, China
Purpose: The 10th Conference, which will meet under the theme 'Towards Environmental Quality Improvement,' will include keynote speeches on solid waste issues and technical field trips to e-waste and hazardous waste treatment plants.
November 2015
Conference: Third International Conference on Social Responsibility in Mining
Date: November 4-6
Location: Antofagasta, Chile
Purpose: The conference will address ways the language of corporate social responsibility can be aligned with innovation in practice to serve for societal needs.
Conference: Contaminated Site Management: Sustainable Remediation and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water
Date: November 16-19
Location: San Diego, California
Purpose: The conference will address tools and strategies for identifying, mitigating, and managing contamination.
December 2015
Conference: 4th International Seminar on Environmental Issues in Mining
Date: December 2-4
Location: Lima, Peru
Purpose: Enviromine provides an opportunity to learn about innovations and developments, enabling the mining industry to operate in a sustainable manner while maintaining economic viability.
Conference: OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum Exit
Date: December 14-15
Location: Paris, France
Purpose: Each year, the Forum it focuses on a different cross-cutting issue related to sustainable development and green growth. It is open to a wide range of stakeholders and experts from OECD Committees, agencies, other international organizations, government officials, civil society, academics and the private sector.