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Social Media Tools for International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action

Join us online for the International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action, by using the following suggested materials. You can also browse posters, banners, icons, fliers and additional social media tools in many languages on the main Lead Poisoning Prevention Week site.

Social Media Engagement Tools

New This Year: #GlobalLeadChat on Twitter

Got questions about the Lead Paint Alliance and efforts to get lead out of paint? Join UNEP, WHO, EPA and our partners for a #GlobalLeadChat on Twitter, Thursday October 27 at 9:00 AM EDT (1:00 PM GMT).  

Campaign Hashtags

#BanLeadPaint #LPPW2016 #GlobalLeadChat

Twitter users to follow:


Suggested tweets to use:

Lead Impacts/Campaign Introduction

  • International #Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 23-29. Learn more: #LPPW2016 #banleadpaint
  • Let's work together to #banleadpaint worldwide. Help us spread the word. Materials for #LPPW2016 at: 
  • Is your commmunity taking action to #banleadpaint for #LPPW2016? Register your event at:
  • Lead paint poses major risk of lead poisoning, esp. when used at home. For #LPPW2016, let's work to #banleadpaint:
  • Last year #LPPW2016 events took place in 87 cities worldwide. Will yours be represented this week? #banleadpaint 

Impacts to Children's Health

  • "Lead is poisonous... a serious threat to our kids." Dr. Maria Neira, @WHO Learn more: #banleadpaint #LPPW2016
  • We must #banleadpaint to reduce lead exposure, esp. for children. Resources in 6 languages at: #LPPW2016
  • This week, help ensure #leadfreekids. Share international tools with your community: #banleadpaint #LPPW2016
  • Lead is still used in paint worldwide. Why is this a problem? #Childrenshealth. Join #LPPW2016 to #banleadpaint at
  • When children are exposed to lead, what is the cost? Find information for 110 countries at #banleadpaint #LPPW2016
  • Lead paint... in the home, in schools & on toys, is an important source of lead exposure for children. @WHO  video:

Regional Initiatives, Global Scope

  • Many countries have taken action, but childhood lead exposure is still a key global concern. #LPPW2016 #banleadpaint 
  • 98% of children affected by lead exposure live in low- & middle-income countries. Act now: #banleadpaint #LPPW2016
  • Recent survey: only 62 governments have laws to control lead paint. Let's work together to #banleadpaint worldwide.   
  • #LPPW2016 project are happening all around the world!  View list of activities planned this week: #banleadpaint
  • Lead harms children’s developing brains. View the cost to your country at: #banleadpaint #LPPW2016 #ChildrensHealth

About the Lead Paint Alliance

  • Why #banleadpaint? World leaders, experts call for action. @UNEP
  • We're partnering worldwide to reduce exposure to lead in paint. Learn more about #LPPW2016: #banleadpaint 
  • Global Alliance to Eliminate #LeadPaint is working to phase out lead paints by 2020. #banleadpaint #LPPW2016   
  • The Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint is working to prevent children's exposure to lead in paint & #banleadpaint by 2020. #LPPW2016
  • Governments, paint industry, academia, NGOs & intergovermental orgs are working together to eliminate lead in paint! #banleadpaint #LPPW2016

Taking Action

  • Is your government ready to get lead out of paint? Here's some helpful guidance: #banleadpaint #LPPW2016 
  • Even the paint industry supports laws on lead in decorative paint! #banleadpaint #LPPW2016
  • Actions after #LPPW2016: 1) Learn more about the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead in Paint.  #banleadpaint
  • Actions after #LPPW2016: 2) Get lead paint tested in your country. IPEN @ToxicsFree can help. #banleadpaint
  • Actions after #LPPW2016: 3) Call for #leadpaint laws in your country. Regulatory toolkit available at: #banleadpaint
  • Actions after #LPPW2016: 4) Make sure your #leadpaint laws are enforced. #banleadpaint

Images to use:

Ways to take action to address lead in paint, including joining the lead paint alliance, getting paint tested for lead in your country, calling for laws in your country, and enforcing existing laws.

Wheel displaying the Lead Paint Alliance partners including governments, industry, non-government organizations, international organizations and academia.

children playing with multiple colors of paint.

Paint cans with messages that show lead paint can cause lowered IQ, cancer, and other harm2015 LPPW Icon English