International Cooperation

International Grants and Cooperative Agreements

EPA provides grants and enters into cooperative agreements that support protecting human health and the environment while advancing U.S. national interests through international environmental collaboration.

Our International Priorities are:

Examples of Previous Financial Assistance Projects

  1. Global Mercury Supply and Use Management
  2. Environmental Governance in India
  3. Protecting At-Risk Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Managing Pollution from POPs and Other Toxic Substances in China
  5. Supporting the National Program of Action for Protection of the Arctic
  6. Promoting Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles in Developing and Transitioning Countries
  7. Promoting Environmentally Sound Chemicals Management Worldwide

Additional Grant Information

For competitive awards, EPA will review and evaluate applications, proposals, and/or submissions in accordance with the terms, conditions, and criteria stated in the competitive announcement. Competitions will be conducted in accordance with EPA policies/regulations for competing assistance agreements.

The Office of International and Tribal Affairs also has responsibility for tribal grants.