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EPA Collaboration with Australia

Australia, a key U.S. ally, is an important environmental partner for EPA in the Asia Pacific Region and faces many similar environmental issues that we face in the U.S.  EPA’s current cooperation with Australia primarily focuses on water cooperation and sharing of lessons learned in areas of key environmental concern.

EPA’s collaboration with Australia advances EPA's international priorities.

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Building Strong Institutions and Legal Structures

EPA shares our experience and lessons learned with Australian government officials both at the national and state level, regarding environmental policy development, chemicals, enforcement, and emergency response.

In addition, international research projects routinely organize scientist-to-scientist dialogue and cooperation.  Ongoing discussions also take place under U.S.-Australia Science &Technology (S&T) Agreement workgroups, led by the U.S. Department of State.   

View the U.S.-Australia Science &Technology (S&T) Agreement (PDF)

Improving Access to Clean Water

EPA’s Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for International and Tribal Affairs, Jane Nishida, and Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources First Assistant Secretary, Tony Slatyer, at MOU signing. 

EPA has had a long standing collaborative relationship with Australia on sustainable water management issues.  Both countries are facing many common water quality and quantity issues such as increasing growth, drought, aging infrastructure and climate change, all of which add stress to limited resources.  

In 2011, EPA Administrator and Australian Environment Minister signed a five-year MOU on water cooperation. Cooperation has consisted of policy dialog and exchange of lessons learned, through management and technical staff discussion via video conference and, when appropriate, in face-to-face meetings.    

On February 29, 2016, EPA and the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources signed a five-year MOU to renew cooperation on water. This engagement will continue high level policy dialog, exchanges of lessons learned, and technical staff discussions on key emerging topics.     

Combating Climate Change by Limiting Pollutants

EPA and our Australian counterparts have a history of exchanging experiences and lessons on addressing climate change.  Additionally, EPA partners with Australia to address climate change through The Global Methane Initiative and The Clean Air and Climate Coalition.

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For additional information about EPA's work with Australia, contact:
Katherine Buckley
Office of International and Tribal Affairs (2650R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
Phone: (202) 564-6600