International Cooperation

Collaboration with the Asian Development Bank

Handshake between Michelle DePass, EPA’s former Assistant Administrator for International and Tribal Affairs and Rajat M. Nag, Managing Director General of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Then Assistant Administrator for International and Tribal Affairs, Michelle DePass, at the 2010 Letter of Intent signing ceremony with ADB Director General Rajat Nag.

EPA and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have a common interest in enhancing environmental protection and sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region.   ADB is an Asia regional development organization dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific through loans, grants, technical assistance, and equity investments to promote social and economic development. 

EPA’s cooperation with ADB includes technical assistance, training, and joint project development to improve air quality, safety of drinking water, management of toxic substances, environmental governance, and water resource management across the Asia Pacific region.
ADB and EPA have signed a capacity development technical assistance agreement. This agreement makes it possible for EPA experts to travel to developing countries in the Asia Pacific region to  provide technical expertise to ADB projects.

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Improving Air Quality for a Healthier Tomorrow

EPA experts have consulted on air pollution legislation in China. For example, in July 2014 our legal experts participated in an ADB-organized workshop on the implementation of China’s National Action Plan on Air Pollution Control. The workshop included discussion of the law’s revision and development of economic instruments for air pollution control.

Improving Access to Clean Water

EPA has participated in efforts to increase awareness of options for sanitation solutions and to assist ADB member countries to move forward with their respective sanitation agendas. For example, in May 2014, an EPA expert participated in the 3rd Asian Sanitation Dialogue in Manila, Philippines. EPA presented in “Technologies for Today’s Sanitation Challenges,” a session on focusing on conventional and innovative technologies and systems for urban, peri-urban, and rural areas.


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