Sustainable Practices Innovation

Sustainability is about the future. Many of our programs help communities and businesses modify their practices in ways that provide better, cleaner tomorrows.

Portsmouth, Va., city leaders realized they needed more flexible building codes to protect historic neighborhoods and redevelop the downtown. The city won a National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

Energy Star Exit
This well-known program helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

Economy, Energy, Environment (E3)
Small- and medium-sized manufacturers can connect with resources to implement sustainable business practices. 

Smart Growth
Communities can grow in ways that expand economic opportunity, protect public health and the environment and create and enhance the places that people love.

Lean Manufacturing
A business model and methods eliminate waste while delivering quality products on time at lower costs and higher efficiencies.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
The federal government uses its buying power to stimulate market demand for green products and services. The program is mainly for federal purchasers but can help green vendors and other businesses.

Sustainable Materials Management
This program focuses on using and reusing materials in the most productive and sustainable ways across their life cycles.

Renewable Energy on Contaminated Land
EPA identifies the renewable energy potential of current and formerly contaminated lands, landfills, and mine sites when it is aligned with the community’s vision for the site.

Land and Emergency Response Innovations
Innovations include clean-up technologies, pollution prevention, brownfields, and land revitalization methods.

Superfund and Green Remediation
Superfund cleans contaminated sites and responds to emergencies involving hazardous substances.

Reducing waste from organizations and businesses happens by applying sustainable materials management practices.

The program promotes the value of water efficiency and provides people with easy ways to save water.

Green Infrastructure
Communities that implement green infrastructure can improve the environment and preserve open space to support sustainability and resiliency. 

Green Chemistry
This program designs chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances.

Safer Choice Labeling
Consumers and industries can make environmentally sound purchases by identifying safe, effective products.