Innovation in Your Community

Environmental protection happens on your block and in your backyard. EPA supports many programs that can help you introduce innovative solutions where they matter most.

Citizen Science
Citizen science is a vital, fast-growing field in which scientific investigations are conducted by volunteers. This builds on the long tradition of individuals and community groups collecting data to better understand their local environment and address issues of concern.

Next-Generation Air Monitoring
Low-cost, portable air sensors have the potential to revolutionize air quality monitoring.

Stanford University students worked in Bangladesh to design low-cost devices that provide clean water to households without relying on electricity or moving parts. The P3 award program give grants to college students.

Energy Star Exit
This well-known program helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

Partnership for Sustainable Communities Exit
This program coordinates federal housing, transportation, water and other infrastructure investments to make neighborhoods more prosperous, allow people to live closer to jobs, save households time and money, and reduce pollution.

People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3)
College students compete to design solutions for a sustainable future.

Economy, Energy, Environment (E3)
Small- and medium-sized manufacturers can connect with resources to implement sustainable business practices. 

Superfund Community Involvement
Superfund cleans contaminated sites and responds to emergencies involving hazardous substances.

Safer Choice Labeling
Consumers and industries can make environmentally sound purchases by identifying safe, effective products.

Reducing waste from organizations and businesses happens by applying sustainable materials management practices.

The program promotes the value of water efficiency and provides people with easy ways to save water.

International Science and Engineering Fair
The world's largest international pre-college science competition is geared toward students in grades 9–12.

Environmental Solutions Toolkit Exit
The portal assists buyers seeking to identify U.S. businesses that provide technologies designed to solve environmental challenges.