Innovation Awards

Excellence deserves recognition. You can nominate innovators for awards that highlight their efforts to enhance the environment and encourage a new generation of stewards.

Students in the Mahtomedi (Minnesota) High School Eco Club won a President’s Environmental Youth Award. They raised $100,000 to build a 10-kilowatt wind turbine next to their high school football field.

Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators
This program rewards innovative approaches to environmental education and good uses of the environment as a context for learning. It is given to teachers in grades kindergarten through 12.

President's Environmental Youth Award
Young adults, school classes (K-12), summer camps and youth organizations can earn this award for promoting environmental stewardship.

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards
Several award categories promote the environmental and economic benefits of developing and using novel chemical technologies that incorporate green chemistry into chemical design, manufacturing and use.

National Award for Smart Growth Achievement
This national award recognizes exceptional approaches to development that respect the environment, foster economic vitality, enhance quality of life and provide new opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

Clean Air Excellence Awards
The awards focus on the best ways to reduce pollutant emissions, demonstrate innovation, offer sustainable outcomes and provide a model for others to follow.

Climate Leadership Awards 
The awards provide incentives for exemplary corporate, organizational and individual leadership in response to climate change.

Green Power Leadership Awards
Organizations, programs, suppliers and individuals can receive this honor for significantly advancing the development of green power sources.