Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program Tier 1 Assessments

The EPA has released its reviews of the Tier 1 screening assay results for the first 52 pesticide chemicals (active and inert ingredients) in the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program. This is an important step in a multi-step process to protect public health and the environment by ensuring that exposure to chemicals do not result in adverse effects that can occur from the disruption of hormones. The Tier 1 screening data are the best way to determine whether a chemical has the potential to interact with the endocrine system and requires more thorough testing.

For each chemical, EPA decides whether additional (Tier 2) testing is necessary. These decisions are based on weighing whether the evidence from the assay results, as well as other scientifically relevant data, showing more potential for endocrine bioactivity outweighs the evidence that it does not.

View Tier 1 Screening results and associated data evaluation records (DERs) for 52 Tier 1 chemicals.

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  • Regulatory questions: Richard Dumas, Chemical Review Manager, Pesticide Re-Evaluation Division, at dumas.richard@epa.gov or (703) 308-8015
  • Ecological effects: Amy Blankinship, Senior Scientist, Environmental Fate and Effects Division, at Blankinship.amy@epa.gov or (703) 347-8062
  • Health effects: Gregory Akerman, Health Effects Division, at akerman.gregory@epa.gov or (703) 305-0116