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December 2016 Update

Beginning in January 2017, U.S. EPA plans to remove and properly dispose of asbestos-containing waste and hazardous substances.  This will stop the ongoing release of asbestos into the environment and protect the health of local residents.   U.S. EPA will also take measures to keep any asbestos-contaminated dust from blowing off-site. The air will be monitored to ensure the asbestos is under control. Security will also be provided around the clock to prevent trespassing.  The cleanup is scheduled to be completed in about five months.

Site Description

The Pillsbury Mills LLC removal site is located at 1525 E. Phillips St., Springfield, IL.  The site is a former food processing facility on about 18 acres of land.  At one point, it consisted of 26 structures including warehouses, office buildings, grain-mixing buildings, and grain storage silos. It is located in a residential and light industrial area next to rail lines. Vacant for about 10 years, Pillsbury Mills is surrounded by a fence, however, there is evidence of trespassing. The Pillsbury Mills facility as it looks today.   

Site Background

Illinois EPA referred Pillsbury Mills to U.S. EPA for an assessment and possible cleanup in March 2016. Prior to that, Illinois EPA referred the matter to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. That office filed a complaint against the owner and others for asbestos-related violations. The owner/operator was required to secure the site and hire an asbestos professional to design a cleanup plan. Although steps were taken, including the removal of a small amount of asbestos-containing material outside the fence line, an acceptable cleanup plan was never submitted and a cleanup was never started.

Meanwhile, Illinois EPA and the city of Springfield continue to monitor the site for improper activities and are trying to compel the owner to provide better security.