How Hazardous Waste Generators, Transporters, and Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities Can Obtain EPA Identification Numbers

Federal regulations require large and small quantity generators of hazardous waste to obtain an EPA Identification (EPA ID) number using EPA Form 8700-12 and to submit the completed form to the authorized state agency or EPA regional office if the state is not authorized to implement the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Subtitle C program. The Site Identification Form (EPA Form 8700-12) includes information such as:

  • Facility’s name and address,
  • Contact information, and 
  • A description of hazardous waste activities conducted at the site.

Documents and Instructions

Conditionally exempt small quantity generators of hazardous waste are not required by federal EPA to obtain an EPA ID number or submit a notification form, but may be subject to state-specific reporting requirements. All generators should consult with their state agencies to clarify the specific reporting requirements for that state.