Approved Registered Printers for EPA's Manifest Registry

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How can I obtain blank manifest forms to ship hazardous waste?

The Table of Approved Registrants provides information on organizations approved by the EPA Manifest Registry to print the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste manifest. The table provides information on how to contact organizations to obtain forms. Expect to spend between $0.21 and $1.00 per form, depending on the quantity and the type of form you order, e.g., snap-outs or continuous.

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Table of Approved Registrants

Registrant Name Are Manifests for Sale? To Purchase Manifests, Please Contact: Approved Manifest Tracking Number (MTN) Suffix Approval Date
J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Yes (877) 564-2333

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Exit
JJK 05/16/06
The Flesh Company Yes, through distributors. Call for contact information. (800) 745-7910 FLE 05/18/06
Welsh & Associates Yes (317) 894-8100

Welsh & Associates Exit
WAS 05/25/06
Giant Resource Recovery No   GRR 05/26/06
Genoa Business Forms Yes (815) 895-9933
Genoa Business Forms Exit
GBF 06/16/06
Veolia ES Technical Solutions No   VES 08/02/06
Nutmeg Environmental Yes (203) 915-3769 CTN 08/02/06
United Industrial Services No   UIS 09/13/06
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. No   SKS 10/20/06
Progressive Business Compliance Yes (800) 226-2327 PBC 08/03/07
RR Donnelley Yes Mike McKee
(301) 771-4347
MWI 10/03/07
Databar Inc. Yes Roger Christofferson
(800) 878-4919 x 222
DAT 07/31/09
PSC, LLC No   PSC 06/09/11

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What is a Manifest Tracking Number (MTN)?

A manifest tracking number is an alphanumeric identification number (i.e., a unique three-letter suffix preceded by nine numerical digits), which is pre-printed in Item 4 of the manifest by an approved registrant.

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