Corrective Action Resources Specific to EPA's Region 3

EPA Region 3 provides Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action program guidance documents and other information resources in following areas:

  • Corrective Action Implementation 
    • RCRA Checklists for Corrective Action Remediation Project Phases including RCRA Facilities Investigation (RFI), Corrective Measures Study (CMS), Interim Measures (IM), Health and Safety Plan (H & S), and Corrective Measures Implementation (CMI).
    • RCRA Facility Lead Agreement Template.
    • RCRA Facility Lead Agreement (Version: 9/05/2000)
  • Institutional Controls
    • Mapping Institutional and Engineering Controls (IC/EC) Guidance document.
    • Model Environmental Covenant (EC) template developed by EPA and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for RCRA Corrective Action Sites.
  • Risk Guidance and Screening
    • Risk Screening Approach guidance documents for Corrective Action facilities.
  • Redevelopment and Reuse
    • Land Anticipated Use/Reuse Assessment and Land Ready for Use/Reuse forms.

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