The SW-846 Compendium

EPA’s SW-846 Compendium consists of three main parts—chapters, methods and supporting documents. Most methods are intended as guidance, with the exception of method defined parameters (MDPs) that are mandated by the RCRA regulations. The chapters provide insight on how to successfully use the test methods. The supporting documents provide insight into the organization and history of the SW-846 document. In particular, the Table of Contents and Methods Status Table are used frequently.

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The SW-846 Compendium consists of over 200 analytical methods for sampling and analyzing waste and other matrices. The methods are divided into sections, or “series,” according to the type of method, analyte(s) and technique(s) used.

For more information on which method(s) to use, EPA developed a searchable table of all methods in the SW-846 Compendium. Select a series below to view its methods:


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Supporting Documents

The SW-846 supporting documents include the Table of Contents, Disclaimer, Abstract, Methods Status Table, Preface, Acknowledgements, Policy Statement, and Appendix.

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