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  • The Love Canal Tragedy
    by Eckardt C. Beck [EPA Journal - January 1979]

  • U.S. Sues Hooker Chemical at Niagara Falls, New York
    [EPA press release - December 20, 1979]

  • EPA, New York State Announce Temporary Relocation of Love Canal Residents
    [EPA press release - May 21, 1980]

  • New York State and U.S. EPA Sign $7 Million Love Canal Cleanup Agreement
    [EPA press release - July 15, 1982]

  • Ruckelshaus Denies Request to Buy Love Canal Homes
    [EPA press release - August 2, 1984]

  • Love Canal Record of Decision Signed
    [EPA press release - October 26, 1987]

  • Occidental Chemical Signs Consent Order for Storage and Destruction of Love Canal Wastes
    [EPA press release - June 1, 1989]

  • Reilly responds to Lois Gibbs on Love Canal habitability and related issues
    [EPA press release - May 15, 1990]

  • EPA Removes Love Canal from Superfund List
    [EPA press release - September 30, 2004]

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