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EPA History: Toxic Substances Control Act

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  • Quarles Testifies on the Need for Toxic Substances Act
    [EPA press release - July 10, 1975]

  • Train Sees New Toxic Substances Law as "Preventive Medicine"
    [EPA press release - October 21, 1976]

  • EPA Incinerator Approvals to Speed PCB Disposal
    [EPA press release - February 10, 1981]

  • EPA Announces Rule Requiring Schools to Test for Asbestos
    [EPA press release - May 24, 1982]

  • Signing of Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
    [EPA press release - October 23, 1986]

  • Indoor Radon Abatement Act of 1988
    [EPA press release - October 28, 1988]

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