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Switch to Green Power

Switching to green power is easy with the right information. If you are interested in using green power for your organization, the following Web pages provide basic information on how to do it.

What is Green Power?

Green power is a subset of renewable energy, and not all renewable energy resources are equal. So what is green power? This page details how green power differs from renewable energy and conventional energy.

Green Power Benefits

Green power offers many different opportunities and benefits. Learn more about how your organizations can benefit from using green power.

Guide to Purchasing Green Power

The Guide to Purchasing Green Power is a comprehensive overview of how to buy green power for your home or business.

Green Power Procurement Process

Depending on your organization’s objectives and goals, the green power procurement process can range from simple market-based approaches to more complex direct project engagement opportunities. Learn more about the different options available to your organization.

Green Power Procurement Considerations

This page details important areas of consideration when making a green power procurement. These learning points can help you avoid unanticipated issues down the road.

Green Power Supply Options

The options for sourcing green power have expanded over the past decade. This page provides a basic overview of the many different green power supply options available to organizations. No matter what option your organization selects, all green power involves a renewable energy certificate (REC).

Buy Certified/Verified Green Power

EPA recommends that organizations buy certified and verified green power as a consumer best practice. This page explains why certification and verification are important and how to determine whether your green power is third-party certified and verified.

Cost of Green Power

The cost of green power can vary widely depending on the supply option you pursue. Market-based supply options such as unbundled RECs or utility supply carry a cost premium, whereas direct project engagement options often result in a cost savings over the life of the system or contract.

Locate Green Power Suppliers

This page is a portal access point for the DOE Green Power Locator tool. By selecting your state, you can find a list of providers for various types of green power supply.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Instruments

Confusion reigns when it comes to the different types of instruments available for helping you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. Find out more about RECs and carbon offsets, how they are different, and the uses of each.

Making Environmental Claims

Many individuals and organizations buy green power to make a claim about what they are doing differently. Learn more about making credible environmental claims related to your green power use.

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