Green Power Partnership

Meet Our Green Power Partners

EPA is proud of all of its Green Power Partners. These organizations are supporting the development of new renewable generation capacity nationwide while also helping to protect the environment.

  • Green Power Partner List: This page contains the comprehensive list of EPA's Green Power Partners. All of these organizations procure green power at a level that meets or exceeds minimum green power usage requirements.
  • Top Green Power Partner Rankings: EPA updates its Partner rankings on a quarterly basis. These lists represent the leading organizations using the largest amount of green power in the Partnership based on sectors and green purchasing options.
  • Green Power Communities (GPC): GPCs are towns, cities, and counties that, together with their local government and local businesses, are collectively using green power in amounts that meet or exceed EPA's Green Power Community requirements.
  • GPP Partner Pin MapEPA's Green Power Partner Map: This map shows the location and green power information of EPA’s hundreds of Green Power Partners. Click on an individual pin to find more information on the Partner and their green power use.
  • Green Power Leadership Awards: Each year, EPA recognizes Green Power Partnership leaders that have made significant advances in the development of green power sources.