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Green Power Partnership Long-term Contracts

Released on October 24, 2016

GPP Long Term Contracts logoThe Long-term Green Power Contracts list highlights the Green Power Partners that have signed a contract to purchase green power for five years or more. The combined green power use from these 143 contracts amounts to nearly 4.4 billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which is equivalent to the electricity use of nearly 401,000 average American households each year.

Solar power is a reliable renewable energy resource for AU to tap into. This project realizes environmental benefits and is cost competitive with conventional energy sources, which are projected to increase over the next 20 years. The agreement provides fixed pricing for solar energy at a lower total price than current power solutions.
- Doug Kudravetz, American University

Usage figures are based on annualized Partner contract amounts (kilowatt-hours), not calendar year totals. These rankings are updated on a quarterly schedule. Find out how your organization can partner with EPA today!

Partner Name Industry Total Contract kWh Resource Mix Contract Type Duration (Years) Provider

° Indicates Provider is selling Partner a third-party certified green power product. Get more information on third-party certification.

Current and past Top Partners lists are available for you to view and print.

For additional information on how your organization can join these Top Partners as Green Power Partners, learn how to Become a Green Power Partner.

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