Green Power Partnership

Benefits of Green Power Partnership

Your organization can join EPA's Green Power Partnership and take advantage of the following benefits:

Once your organization becomes a Partner, the time and resource investment beyond the green power procurement is minimal. EPA simply requires a yearly report to verify the status of your green power use.

Recognition Opportunities

The Green Power Partnership promotes the actions of its Partners through a variety of earned recognition opportunities:

Top Partner Rankings: EPA promotes a number of national- and sector-focused Top Partner Rankings, which generate significant promotional opportunities. These lists represent the organizations using the most green power in the Partnership. EPA updates the Top Partner lists on a quarterly basis:

The Green Power Leadership Awards: These awards recognize the leading actions of organizations, programs, suppliers, and individuals that significantly advance the development of green power sources. Eligible Partners can apply or be nominated for the following award categories:

Green Power Leadership Award

  • Excellence in Green Power Use
  • Green Power Partner of the Year
  • Sustained Excellence in Green Power
  • Direct Project Engagement
  • Green Power Community of the Year