Greening EPA

Waste Diversion at EPA

EPA facilities minimize solid waste generation through source reduction, recycling, reuse or composting. Waste diversion also reduces disposal costs and the burden on landfills.

For many years, EPA has established and exceeded Agencywide goals that are higher than the federal 50 percent waste diversion requirement. EPA offices and laboratories have recycling programs in place to make it easy and convenient for employees to reduce waste, recycle and compost.

Many facilities have compostable collection programs to divert grass clippings, food waste and other organics from the waste stream. Some facilities even compost onsite and use that material in their landscaping.

Across EPA, paper reduction initiatives encourage employees to use electronic versions of files in lieu of printed copies, print double-sided whenever a hard copy is necessary and reuse single-sided printouts as draft paper.

EPA also has goals and strategies to reduce the waste generated when renovating or constructing new facilities. In addition to specifying recycled products, the Agency makes an effort to recycle construction and demolition debris with every project.