Greening EPA

Region 9 Laboratory

Photo of EPA’s Region 9 Laboratory in Richmond, California.

45,800 gross square feet (GSF)
Personnel: 45

Energy Intensity:
FY 2015: 271,240 Btu per GSF
16.6% reduction from FY 2003 baseline

Water Intensity:
FY 2015: 4.64 gallons per GSF
24.6% increase from FY 2007 baseline

Richmond, California

The Region 9 Laboratory consists of an administration/laboratory building with a separate hazardous materials storage building and secured storage for four mobile laboratories. The building is part of the University of California, Berkeley, Field Station and performs chemical and biological analysis and field sampling services.

Sustainable Features

  • As part of a series of mechanical upgrades, EPA installed a natural gas-fired combined heat and power unit for electricity and hot water; replaced an oversized boiler with two small boilers; and made heating, ventilation and air-conditioning controls upgrades.

For more information, read Cogeneration at Work, Region 9 Laboratory, Richmond, California; visit the Region 9 Laboratory website; or visit the EPA Facility Contact List.