Sustainable Marketplace: Greener Products and Services

Identifying Greener Meetings and Conferences

Environmental Attributes to Consider

Accommodations with:

  • Efficient transportation routes
  • Energy and water conservation programs
  • Mass transit-accessible location
  • Recycling and waste minimization programs

Other factors to consider:

  • Electronic distribution of materials
  • Minimize travel distance for attendees
  • Minimize packing and shipping materials, disposable products
  • Online registration
  • Recycle handouts and badges, signage, paper products
  • Reusable badges, signage
  • Reusable food serviceware

How to Buy

Government Resources

Green Meetings Website
Information on greening meetings and conferences for meeting planners; suppliers of meeting services; meeting hosts who contract with meeting planners; and attendees of meetings.

GSA Advantage!®
GSA Advantage is the federal government's premier online shopping superstore giving you access to millions of commercial products and services available from GSA-negotiated contracts. Anyone may browse the site to view and compare the variety of products and services offered.  Visit the Environmental Program Aisle search by environmental icons and limit your results to sustainable products.