Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Nominations

Each year the high-quality of nominations makes the judging panel's job very difficult, and many outstanding technologies do not win awards. For some, the technology was too new to demonstrate commercial feasibility; others could not include sufficient detail about proprietary chemistry.

EPA is publishing information on each nominated technology to provide an educational resource, credit developers, and further the adoption of green chemistry: Use the information here to identify green chemistry technologies in various geographic and interest areas.

Note: From EPA's first Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards in 1996, through the 2016 awards cycle, organizations and individuals have submitted 1,714 nominations for awards. Of these nominations, 126 did not meet the scope of the program, and so were not eligible for awards. Because a sponsor may nominate a particular technology in more than one year, the 1,588 eligible nominations through 2016 represent only 871 unique technologies (i.e., "all nominations"). Of these 871 technologies, 109 have won Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards.