Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure Research

These resources represent the latest and most significant publications on green infrastructure developed by the scientific, regulatory, and development communities.


Green infrastructure can reduce the discharge of pollutants to receiving waters, remove air pollutants, and even reduce energy use.

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Urban Stormwater Impacts

Incorporating green infrastructure into our cities and suburbs can alleviate the impacts of urban stormwater on aquatic ecosystems and human health.

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Surface Water Impacts

Green infrastructure practices have the potential to benefit both water quality and water quantity at site, city, and watershed levels.

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Ground Water Impacts

Green infrastructure allows more water to soak into the ground than traditional drainage infrastructure. It has the ability to restore ground water recharge and remove pollutants.

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Air Quality Impacts

Implementing green infrastructure in urban and suburban areas can improve air quality and yield significant public health benefits.

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Green Infrastructure and Climate

Green infrastructure in urban areas can significantly reduce air temperature, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide levels, factors that contribute to climate change.

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Green Infrastructure and Wildlife Conservation

Preserving and restoring open space within and beyond urban areas can provide habitat for pollinators, wildlife and increase urban biodiversity, particularly when the areas are managed to support a variety of native plant species.

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Many studies have examined the role that economics and policy play in implementing green infrastructure concepts.

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Research Programs

EPA's Safe and Sustainable Water Resources program is one of a growing number of university and government programs engaged in research that supports the design and implementation of green infrastructure.

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