Green Book

Green Book Nitrogen Dioxide (1971) Area Information

This section provides information about the nonattainment area for the Nitrogen Dioxide (1971) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The area was designated November 15, 1990.

  1. Nonattainment Area Selections

    On September 22, 1998 the only Nitrogen Dioxide (1971) nonattainment area was redesignated to maintenance.
  2. Maintenance Area Selections (Redesignated from Nonattainment)
    1. Area/State Information
    2. Area Design Values
    3. State/Area and Design Value Information
    4. State/Area/County List

  3. Designation and NAAQS Information Related to Nitrogen Dioxide (1971 Standard)

  4. Federal Register Notices Related to Nitrogen Dioxide (1971 Standard) Areas
    1. Federal Register Notices Listed by Date