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This page provides links to criteria pollutant National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) nonattainment area and county information based on data in the Green Book. The data is available in xbase (dbf) and spreadsheet (xls) formats. Where applicable, links to Green Book reports that contain information similar to the exported data are listed.

Download the data dictionary (PDF)(7 pp, 31 K, About PDF for structure details and additional information about the export files.

ALLPOLLS_NAA                                                               dbf   |   xls
A listing of all areas in nonattainment as of the Green Book posting date grouped under common area names, including area classification, county counts, and 2010 census populations. Revoked areas are not included in this export. 

Example Green Book report:

AREADATA                                                                    dbf   |   xls
An area-level list of nonattainment and maintenance area status information for all NAAQS. 

Example Green Book reports:

NAYRO                                                                         dbf   |   xls
This county-level export contains nonattainment and maintenance counties for each NAAQS, including revoked area counties. If more than one nonattainment area for a NAAQS is in a county, the county will be listed with a row for each nonattainment area.

Example Green Book report:

PHISTORY                                                                     dbf   |   xls
The phistory export lists all counties in nonattainment areas from 1992 to the present. There is one row for a county and NAAQS showing the years the county was in nonattainment for the NAAQS, along with additional information. 
Example Green Book report:

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