Green Book

Green Book 1-Hour Ozone (1979) Area Information - NAAQS Revoked

This section provides detailed information about designations, classifications and the status of the nonattainment areas at the time of the 1-Hour Ozone (1979) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) revocation. Original areas were designated November 15, 1990. On June 15, 2005 the 1-Hour Ozone NAAQS was revoked for all areas except the 8-Hour Ozone nonattainment Early Action Compact (EAC) areas.

For additional information see:
- Ozone Designations and Classifications
- Early Action Compact (EAC) Areas
- Revocation Federal Register Notice (70 FR 44470)

  1. All Designated Area Selections (Nonattainment and Maintenance)
    1. Area/State Information
    2. Area Design Values
    3. State/Area and Design Value Information
    4. State/County/Area Information
    5. State/Area/County List
    6. Area/State/County List

  2. Nonattainment Area Selections
    1. Areas by Classification
    2. State/County/Area Information
    3. State/Area/County List
    4. Area/State/County List

    5. Section 185A Areas
    6. Incomplete or No Data Areas

      78 FR 58189, effective 10/23/2013, corrected a boundary for the land of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, located near Banning Pass in Riverside County, identifying it as a separately designated Severe-17 area for the 1-Hour Ozone (1979 standard), independent of the Los Angeles-South Coast Air Basin Area.

  3. Maintenance Area Selections (Redesignated from Nonattainment)
    1. Areas by Classification
    2. State/County/Area Information
    3. State/Area/County List
    4. Area/State/County List

    5. Section 185A
    6. Incomplete or No Data

  4. Area Maps
    Map and GIS shapefile downloads are available from the Downloads page (see sidebar link)
    1. National Maps
      1. National Map of 1-Hour Ozone (1979) Nonattainment Areas
      2. National Map of 1-Hour Ozone (1979) Maintenance Areas

    2. Individual 1-Hour Ozone (1979) Nonattainment Area Maps

  5. Other Information
    1. Summary Reports
      1. Nonattainment Area Summary Report
      2. Maintenance Area Summary Report
      3. Summary of Previous 1-Hour Ozone designations/classifications (as June 15, 2005)

    2. Comparison to Other Standards
      1. 8-Hour Ozone (2008) NAAQS Nonattainment Areas with Prior Ozone NAAQS

      2. County Detail Report for 8-Hour (2008), 8-Hour Ozone (1997-Revoked), and 1-Hour (1979-Revoked)

    3. Early Action Compact (EAC) Areas

    4. Areas with a Maintenance Plan Requirement Under Section 110(a)(1) of the CAA

    5. Designation and NAAQS Information Related to 1979 1-Hour Ozone Standard

  6. Federal Register Notices Related to 1-Hour Ozone (1979) Areas
    1. Clean Data Determination/Attainment Determinations for Areas with Current Nonattainment Status

    2. Attainment Date Extensions

    3. Classification Changes

    4. All Federal Register Notices
      1. Notices Listed By Category
      2. Notices Listed By Area Name
      3. Notices Listed By State then Area
      4. Notices Listed By Date