Fact sheet for Applicants Intergovernmental Review Process

When submitting your application for federal assistance, please observe the following steps pertaining to the intergovernmental review process.

1. Identify whether or not the respective program is eligible for intergovernmental review under executive order (E.O. 12372. A listing of EPA programs which are eligible for intergovernmental review can be found in the April 29, 2004 federal register (69 FR 23500). The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) also lists programs eligible fore intergovernmental review under E.O. 12372. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) listing can be found under search for assistance programs, then by programs requiring executive order 12372 review.

2. After confirming the program's intergovernmental review eligibility, indicate where your application is subject to the process by responding to the E.O. 12372 question on the SF-424, Application for Federal Assistance.

3. If a program is eligible for the intergovernmental review process, you must respond accordingly on the application, and forward a copy of your completed application to your State Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC). The official Intergovernmental Review SPOC listing is available. By clicking on the state name, you may be linked to the SPOC website. Before forwarding a copy of your application, you may call the SPOC directly to determine if that office has chosen to review the program.

4. If the SPOC has chosen not to review the program, of if your state does not have a SPOC, you must forward a copy of your completed application to the areawide/regional/local planning agency (or agencies). So that they may have the opportunity to review your application for comment. You may consult your local EPA office to obtain contact information for the planning agency in your area.

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5. Keep in mind that once you sign the SF-424, you are certifying that the SPOC or areawide/regional/local planning agency has received or will receive a copy of your application. Your application might be considered deficient if a copy of your application is not forwarded to one of those agencies.

6. The application must be sent to the SPOC or areawide/regional/local planning agency in a timely manner, in order for it to be reviewed before the end of the respective commend period. Under E.O. 12372, the commend period is 60 days for new and competitive awards, and 30 days for non-competing continuation awards.

7. If you subsequently receive comments about your application from the SPOC or areawide/regional/local planning agency, you should forward them immediately to the EPA office (generally the awarding office) where you mailed your application package. Before making a funding decision, EPA is required to consider comments made by the SPOC or planning agency. Therefore, the awarding office may contact you to discuss concerns that may have been raised by the SPOC or planning agency.

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