Application Kit for Federal Assistance

Thank you for expressing interest in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assistance program. It is EPA policy (Order 5700.5) to promote competition in the award of assistance agreements to the maximum extent practicable. EPA Order 5700.5 establishes the EPA policy for competition in the award of EPA assistance agreements. Please visit theĀ Competition page for more information on EPA's grant competition policy.

Please consider whether your proposal is for acquisition or assistance. The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977 requires federal agencies to use a contract to acquire property or services that directly benefit the federal government. A grant or cooperative agreement must be used to transfer money, property, services, or anything else of value, that supports or stimulates an activity to accomplish a public purpose of assistance authorized by federal statute. The SF-424 is only used for submitting proposals for federal assistance.

The direct beneficiary is the determining factor as to whether a proposal is for acquisition or assistance. If the direct beneficiary is a state or local government or other recipient, and the purpose of the support or stimulation is authorized by federal statute, a grant or cooperative agreement is the proper legal instrument to use. If the direct beneficiary is EPA, a contract is the appropriate legal instrument to use, and an SF-424 is not appropriate.

Please complete all application procedures as instructed in the grant application kit below.

For reference and descriptions of EPA rules and regulations.

Please direct questions about completing your application, or general inquiries about EPA's assistance program, to the National Policy, Training and Compliance Division at (202) 564-5069.

Office of Grants and Debarment
National Policy, Training and Compliance Division

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On-Line Grant Application Kit

If you cannot access the electronic forms, a paper application kit will be mailed upon request. Please send an e-mail to with paper application kit in the subject line.

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