Gasoline Standards

Notice of Final Rulemaking: Regulation of Fuel and Fuel Additives: Reformulated Gasoline Requirements for the Atlanta Covered Area

Rule Summary

In this Final Rule, EPA is determining that the Atlanta metro area is no longer a federal reformulated gasoline (RFG) covered area and there is no requirement to use federal RFG in the Atlanta area. The State requested removal from the federal RFG program. EPA has determined that the State’s request is appropriate in light of progress the State has made in attaining the ozone national Ambient Air Quality Standard without the use of RFG, and in light of the State fuel program that has covered the Atlanta metro area since the early 2000’s known as the “Georgia Fuel Program.” This Final Rule does not alter in any way the Georgia Fuel Program which currently applies in a 45-county area inclusive of the Atlanta metro area. 

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