Gasoline Standards

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Test Methods

Rule Summary

On December 8, 2008, a direct final rule and parallel notice of proposed rulemaking were published in the Federal Register (73 FR 74350 and 73 FR 74403, respectively) to update our motor vehicle fuels programs regulations for several test methods and to provide for an additional alternative test method for olefins in gasoline, ASTM D6550. We subsequently received an unanticipated adverse comment on the provision to allow the additional alternative test method for olefins in gasoline at 40 CFR 80.46(b)(2)(i) and 40 CFR 80.46(h)(1)(iii). We are issuing this notice to withdraw the provisions in the direct final rule on which we received adverse comment. The test method update provisions for which we did not receive adverse comment will become effective on February 6, 2009, as provided in the December 8, 2008, direct final rule. 

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