Gasoline Standards

Extension of Stay of the RFG Program: parts of NY, PA, and ME

Rule Summary

In today’s action, EPA is extending the previous temporary stay of the reformulated gasoline program requirements in nine opt in counties in New York, in twenty-eight opt-in counties in Pennsylvania and in two opt-in counties in Maine. In a separate action published June 14, 1995, EPA proposed to approve the requests for opt-out for these specified counties from the States of New York, Pennsylvania, and Maine. Today’s action stays the applicability of the RFG requirements for these areas effective from July 1, 1995, until the agency has completed rulemaking on the proposed opt-out for these areas. Although EPA believes that the RFG program provides a highly cost effective means of reducing ground level ozone and toxic vehicle emissions, the Agency believes that states should be given the flexibility to choose which programs best meet each state’s needs for emissions reductions.

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