Gasoline Standards

Changes Made to the New Website for Gasoline Standards

This gasoline standards site contains the following:

  • Basic information on gasoline standards and pollutants reduced under these programs
  • Additional detail on gasoline programs, inlcuding gasoline sulfur, gasoline mobile source air toxics (MSAT), reformulated gasoline (RFG), gasoline Reid vapor pressure (RVP), gasoline winter oxygenates
  • Program announcements, grouped by calendar year from 2015 to 2011 and older
  • Statutes, federal gasoline regulations, and state gasoline standards
  • Compliance overview, including registered gasoline additives and gasoline sulfur & benzene credits
  • Fuel waivers and exemptions, including ethanol waivers (E15 and E10), emergency fuel waivers and hardship exemptions

For the Tier 2 and Tier 3 gasoline sulfur programs and gasoline mobile source air toxics (MSAT) program, additional information can be found on the following existing websites:

Compliance help or the RFS program such as registration, reporting, public data and the following content can be located on Fuels Registration, Reporting and Compliance Help:

  • EMTS, including:
    • Meeting & presentations
    • Tutorials
    • Documents
    • Frequent questions
    • Conversion tool
    • System diagrams
  • Quality Assurance Plans, including:
    • Process flow diagram
    • QAP documentation
    • QAP tutorials