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Registration guidelines for fuels and fuel additives

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The following guidelines apply to Fuel and Fuel Additive Registrations (FFARs) under Title 40 CFR Part 79 as authorized by the Clean Air Act.

Products that must be registered:

  • Motor vehicle gasoline, motor vehicle diesel fuel, and their additives 

Do not register these products:

  • A fuel or fuel additive marketed solely for use off-road, such as non-road diesel or a fuel additive solely for use in marine engines.
  • An on-road fuel that is not gasoline or diesel, such as E85 or compressed natural gas.

Please note:

Company registrations:

  • Registration at 40 CFR 79 is by manufacturer/company.  It covers production of a registered fuel or fuel additive at all of the manufacturer’s facilities, even facilities acquired after registration.  For example, a manufacturer of biodiesel may only have one facility at the time of registration.  Later, the manufacturer may acquire a second facility to produce biodiesel.  The biodiesel produced at the second facility would be covered by the registration.  (Note: Fuel registration at 40 CFR 80 is by facility.)
  • The definition of a fuel manufacturer includes an importer.
  • The definition of an additive manufacturer includes an importer.

E15 fuel registration: 

  • There are unique registration requirements for E15 fuel (a blend of 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol). Click this link or the tab above for more information: E15 fuel registration

Regulations and standards: