Fuels Registration, Reporting, and Compliance Help

Register a fuel or fuel additive

Motor vehicle gasoline, motor vehicle diesel fuel, and their additives are required to be registered under 40 CFR Part 79 - Fuel and Fuel Additive Registrations (FFARs).

This page includes instructions for a new registration. Use the following links to update or terminate an existing registration:

Follow these three (3) steps to register a new gasoline fuel, diesel fuel, or fuel additive:

""Determine if the fuel or additive must be registered.

Click this link or the tab above for more information: FFARs guidelines

""Download and complete a registration form.

There are separate forms for fuels and fuel additives.

Fuel Registration

Download and complete:
Use this form for:
  • Motor vehicle diesel fuel (including Grade 1-Diesel, Grade 2-Diesel, biodiesel and renewable diesel)
  • Motor vehicle gasoline (including unleaded and renewable)

Fuel Additive Registration

Download and complete:
Use this form for:
  • Additive for motor vehicle diesel fuel 
  • Additive for motor vehicle gasoline (including ethanol and detergents)

""Mail form to the appropriate address.

All paperwork should be sent to: EPA's Fuels Programs Mailing Addresses