Fuels Registration, Reporting, and Compliance Help

How to register a new renewable fuel producer for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

To participate in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program and generate Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), renewable fuel producers must meet the registration requirements  in Title 40 CFR Part 80. Producers should use this page in conjunction with the regulations, not in lieu of reading the regulations. 

Follow these steps to register a renewable fuel producer:

Step Registration Requirements Additional Information

Review the following sections of the regulations to ensure your company can meet the qualifications of RFS:

  • §80.1401 - Definitions of renewable fuel and renewable biomass
  • §80.1426 - Approved fuel pathways
  • §80.1450 - Registration requirements
  • §80.1451 - Reporting requirements
  • §80.1454 - Recordkeeping requirements
  • §80.1464 - Attest engagement requirements

Renewable fuel must meet the following requirements to be registered under RFS:

  • Fuel meets definition of Renewable Fuel
  • Feedstock meets definition of Renewable Biomass
  • Feedstock, process, and fuel meet an approved fuel pathway

For more information on fuel pathways, see: Fuel Pathways


To register to produce renewable fuel from biogas, review these specific regulations to ensure your company can meet the qualifications of RFS:  

  • §80.1426(f)(10)(ii) and (f)(11)(ii) - RIN Generation
  • §80.1450(b)(1)(v)(D) - Registration
  • §80.1454(k) - Recordkeeping

Register your fuel or fuel additive under Title 40 CFR Part 79.

  • Fuel produced from biogas does not need to be registered under Part 79.
  • Foreign producers do not need to register under Part 79, but the importers that are importing the fuel into the United States must register under Part 79. 
4 Create a New Company Request in CDX OTAQReg to register your company and facility in the RFS program under Part 80.

Read Section 5 "Create a New Company" in this document:

5 Assemble all documents required under §80.1450(b)(1).

Read the following engineering review template for an outline of the requirements under §80.1450(b)(1):

6 Obtain an engineering review conducted by a third-party independent professional engineer per §80.1450(b)(2). The engineer must verify and explain how they evaluated the accuracy of all materials assembled by the producer per §80.1450(b)(1).

Read the following guidance on items the engineer must verify:

7** Foreign renewable fuel producers who opt to generate RINs, as opposed to having a U.S. importer generate RINs, must submit additional documentation and provide a monetary bond per §80.1466. Contact the EPA Fuels Programs Support line for further instructions: support@epamts-support.com 
8 Mail the signed New Company Request paperwork generated in CDX OTAQReg, engineering review, and materials required under §80.1450(b)(1) to EPA. 

EPA recommends that all materials required under §80.1450(b)(1) be included in an appendix to the engineering review. 

* Applies to fuel produced from biogas only. 
** Applies to foreign renewable fuel producers only.