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Outreach Information for Tronox

RCRA Community Engagement Outreach

  1. Fact Sheet on Results of Community Environmental Sampling: In the Vicinity of Tronox LLC (Formerly Kerr McGee) Facility, Columbus, MS (Dated August 2010)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (Dated August 2010)
  3. Mapping Results of Community Environmental Sampling Event April 2010 (Dated August 2010). The 3 maps indicate sampling results by contaminant: a) Benzo(a)pyrene Toxicity Equivalents (BaP TEQ); b) Pentachlorphenol (PCP); and c) Dioxin. Screening levels were set at the 10-6 levels.
  4. Data Evaluation Report on Community Environmental Sampling Event, authored by the EPA Technical Services Section (Dated August 30, 2010)